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Rootin "Tutin" Cowboy - vocal mix (Buck)

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This is another song written for a character on my comic Rocket-X (see the Rocket-X Theme for more on the comic itself). The character's name is Buck Ranger. He either goes by Buck, Ranger, or "Cowboy," but he hates "Bucky." He's the redneck southern cowboy from Texas, so that kind of describes his racing style and personality. He don't wear protective gear when racing because he believes he's a REAL MAN and a COWBOY, so he handles racing like a REAL MAN!!

Also, you may shame this as much as you want. I really don't expect this one to get fame because of the hand farts and raspberries I do at the beginning in the bluegrass section. I don't think anyone would think that's fame, unless they just want to be silly and fame it. You can if you want. My vocals in this vocal version probably make this song shame as well. And yes, that's me singing trying to impersonate a country singer (I stink). No offense, but almost all country singers sing the same way and sound almost the same. Some others differ, but they're all basically the same. And the lyrics were just some random words I thought of one time. "I'm a cowboy, look at me ride! Chasin' the bad guys with my gun by my side."

So yea, this song means "Tutin" as in what you describe a cowboy... and "Tuting..." or farting. :P


3/5/2010 12:47 PM Premium
I just came across your media. Awesome Work! You should try bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame.



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Date: 3/29/09
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