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The Doxology

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I wrote this for me and my cousin to play along with... me on trumpet and my cousin on the alto saxophone. There's no instruments recorded in this song, but the trumpet and sax part are played by MIDI instruments. The sax is on the left speaker while the trumpet part is on the right speaker (don't get confused with the trumpet on the left speaker, that's in the background accompanyment)

I played this with my cousin for church once and many other times by myself with the sax part on the CD and MANY people were blessed by it! I've even had some people from the church wanting a copy of it an a CD for them!

Surprising fact: When I first started writing this, I was actually writing it just for fun... like for my cartoon band The Doovie Brothers. Then, I all of a sudden got the idea that it would sound good as an accompanyment for a trumpet and saxophone. Well, I was write... or so I've been told by the people at my church. :)

I love this arrangement! The hymn is great as well! It's an old fashioned hymn that I made more of a rock version of! Anyway, I hope you all like it! Also keep in mind that it may not sound as good as it can because the instruments in this aren't real... they're MIDI. :) Enjoy... hopefully.




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Date: 3/30/09
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