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Nature Lady/ Eve (The ELC)

Christian, comic, cartoon, God, Jesus

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Nature Lady: She sometimes goes by "Eve." Eve means "life" and she has the power to control plant life and nature... through God only. She can also restore one's health that really needs it.

This is the girl that my song "Called to Be The Light" was written for. Great song, but awful vocalist (me). :P Anyway, her real name is Mary Eve Regolski. She grew up in a hard life because she was always made fun of, picked on, or hurt because she was a Christian and she had an odd power. Her nick name was "the Christian plant dork," or "the Christian plant FREAK!"

She's the daughter of Mike (Scientist) and Anna (Botanist). One day when Mary was 2, Mike let Mary watch him do an experiment on a plant to see if he could control the activities of the plant. Well while Mike wasn't watching, Mary slipped off his lap and made her way to the plant in the experiment room. After Mike yelled at Mary to get out of there, it was too late. The laser shot and electrocuted her. It seemed like Mike had killed his one and only daughter, but she later awoke with the power to control plants and nature, and well that's where her powers come from. :)

What's neat is "Mary" itself means "bitter." So, "Mary Eve" means "bitter life," which is exactly what Mary lived growing up as a Christian. I DID NOT intend that to happen! That worked out perfectly! :D




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Date: 4/2/09
Art: Drawing