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Euphoria (Alexis)

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This song is also written for my "Rocket-X" comic! See the theme song for more info on the comic itself.

This song is written for a very attractive blonde girl named Alexis Crush. The main character, Zack Lectic, has a strong attraction towards her. Anyway, she's not what Zack thinks. She's very deceiving! She looks really pretty (or 'hot' as some of you may say), but she's wilder than Zack can handle. You know? The type that likes to drink and party a lot. I'm sure a lot of you are thinking "that's my kind of girl," but Zack's not looking for someone like that. He wants someone who's more calm and doesn't drink... someone like Penny Robinson... Ha! I feel funny.

Also, The name actually came from a name I made up. First, this song was called "Move It," but that sounded to dumb for me. Then, I thought of a name "Euphora" and thought it sounded pretty cool! Then, I just got the random idea to look up Euphora in the dictionary to see if it was a real word. Well, I didn't find "Euphora," but I did find "Euphoria." It's a feeling of great joy of excitement, joy, or well-being. Well, it suited me! Alexis is willing to get first place in the race to receive the feeling of Euphoria. :)

Also, this song ends in a pop-ish like style! Kinda reminds me of the bass line in Low-Rider. Pretty groovy too. Makes my head bop. :)




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Date: 4/2/09
Music: Electronica