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Revengeful Mind (Violet)

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A really exotic type song of mine! I don't normally write songs like this! This one is FULL of much anger! I sometimes feel this way. I hate it when someone judges my music for the sound of my voice. All my songs with lyrics have a lot of negative votes because of my voice. :( But that's not all that I don't like. I'm sure you all have things that make you mad as well. >:O

Anyway, this song is written for my comic, Rocket-X. If you want to know more about the comic, see the theme song for it.

It's written for a character named Violet o' Donnell. Let me describe her to to you to let you know what to think about while listening to the song. Violet is a VERY cold hearted woman and will do anything to get first place in the race! She cannot however because another racer named Pete Smith blocks her everytime she tries to get 2nd place. She's always seeking revenge on Pete for this... Terry as well. Pete and Terry are the 2 brothers who lead all races all the time! So, get in you head the thought of something you want so badly, but can't have it because someone else has it and is keeping you from it. >:O

Also, don't get scared, but as the music begins to fade out like it's ending, don't assume that's the end, because it's not! The song comes back louder than ever... kind of like it's having revenge! I distorted the lead synth this time... as well as the high hat, snare, and I even distorted the bass drum... twice!!!! So this section has a really angry sound! I may have distorted the synth too much at the beginning of this section because it has small sections of quietness in it... can't quiet explain what I'm trying to say, but just listen and you'll probably figure out what I mean hopefully.

So yea, this one isn't my favorite, but it has a really mean sound to it!




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Votes: 2
Views: 1,690
Date: 4/2/09
Music: Electronica