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Doov, Dube, & Duf (voice acting intro story)



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This is me voice acting as 3 of my comic characters... well 4 including my own natural voice. Me and my cousin made these guys up when we were young, so that may describe why they have the “stupid and childish” personalities. I admit, I’m still a child at heart. :)

You may like these guys, or think they're just plain stupid... according on how you look at them. People who like just random silliness may like this, while others will find this VERY childish! And I also admit if you know me in person, you WILL NOT believe this is me talking. I'm very quiet. :)

These voices I act as are:

Ben Mullins: This is my regular voice... because it's me. :P

Doov Groove - The silly one who is somewhat knowledgeable about things, but still considered "dumb." You may find his picture in some Doovie Brothers pictures I've uploaded because he sings with The Doovie Brothers (my cartoon band). He has a high annoying voice, messy orange hair, geeky looking glasses with tape on them, and a huge shiny nose. :P

Dube Duncan - This guy is literally dumber than dumb (Like Patrick Star from Spongebob)! I describe him in my comics as "more stupid than the most stupid thing in HISTORY!" He has a black bowl hair cut with a white line between it, big buck teeth, a pot belly, and a huge nose. :) And for some reason when I did his voice on this, I kept spitting everywhere. :P Ha!

Duf Duferson - His name gets pronounced wrong a lot of times! It sounds like "Doof Dooferson." Anyway, he's described in my comics as "the meany who likes girls." He's probably the smartest of the 3, but he's still considered an idiot. He has a very mean personality, but like to impress girls with his hair. But every girl that he asks on a date slaps him, body slams him, electrocutes him, punches him, kicks him, or any other torturing thing you can think of. He thinks he's handsome and he thinks he's the best trombonist in the world, but he's none of those. He has black hair with a white line through it that kinda sticks up in the front, he has a big double chin, and he almost always has a mean look on his face.

Hope you enjoy me talking to myself. :P Probably not, but hey I thought I would give this a shot. :)

Also, there is 2 versions of the Doov, Dube, & Duf Theme Song playing in the background… written by me when I was a sophomore in 2005.




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Date: 4/4/09
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