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Nature Lady (more detailed)

super, hero, christian, God, Jesus

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This is a picture of Nature Lady (also Eve) from my comic, The Extraordinary League of Christianity with more detail!

I started drawing on this one day sitting in the back of my parents' car while they were inside the store shopping. For those who know not, her real name is Mary Eve Regolski. Mary means bitter and Eve means life, so her name means "bitter life." Ironically, that's what she had growing up. I had no clue of the meanings of the names. I just randomly chose them. Anyway, Mary gained the power to control plant life by an accident from her scientist father. When Mary was 2, her father let her watch him do an experiment on a plant's activity and Mary got in the middle of it. She can control nature as well... and rectore one's health who needs it... so she comes pretty in handy.

I love this girl's colors. Green and Blue, Earth colors. They make my favorite color when combined, Aquamarine. Also, her hair is cool. It's mainly orange (or bright red) with some brown behind it and some blonde (yellow) splashed onto it. Pretty neat character. She's very clumsy as well... and yes, I make up personalities for my comic characters. :P




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Date: 4/7/09
Art: Drawing