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Super-Christian (more detailed)

super, hero, christian, God, Jesus

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This is Super-Christian from my comic, The Extraordinary League of Christianity with more detail!

If this is your first picture you have seen of my ELC comic, Super-Christian's real name (or name on Earth) is Joel Jameson. It was first Joel Baboteest. You see, Joel was born on a planet called Bibleon... like Super-Man was born on Crypton. He had a great knowledge of the bible and Christianity as a baby, so Joel was able to get saved a little after he turned 1. Shortly after his baptism, Satan sent his most desctructive demon to destroy the planet of Bibloneans. When Joel's parents (Spencer and Ashley) figured out that the planet was coming to an end, they placed Joel in a small rocket they had and sent him out into space for safety, sadly. Joel's parents then died when the planet finally exploded and it scared baby Joel in the rocket. He was afraid of being in space, he was afraid of where God was going to send him, and he was frightened that his parents had just gotten killed... but Joel also kept in mind that God had His caring eye on Joel where ever he went... and that made Joel feel a bit better. He later landed on Earth where he was raised by a good Christian farmer family. He grew to be a youth pastor at The Christian Church and later on, he met Mary and Cory and became Super-Christian in the ELC, striving to witness to the lost world, show the world the truth before it's too late, and make this world a better place!




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Votes: 5
Views: 1,589
Date: 4/7/09
Art: Drawing