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We Fall Down (95:1)

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This is an arrangement of a worship song I did for a youth band I was in once. This song actually started the whole band. Well, it wasn't what started it, but it's the song we started with. Our band was called "95:1" or "Ninety Five-One..." my youth pastor thought of the name! His reason goes along with my song, "Reason to Sing!" Read "Psalms 95:1." Here's the band members (ha! that sounds cool):

Candice Bennett and Melissa Lovin - Vocals
Tyler Bennett - beginner guitarist
Mackenzie Baker - Bass
Ben Mullins - Trumpet; guitar; trombone; piano; music arranger... oh yeah! :P
Megan Harmon - trumpet
Jacob Bolden - Euphonium (Baritone)(small tuba) :P
David Quillin - drum set and some vocals... who was almost 11 or 12 years old when he played with us :D

We as a band have not gotten together in a LONG time! Things have came up: Candice got married, got pregnant and now has a baby to care for, Megan Harmon got married and got pregnant as well and will soon have a child to take care of, Jacob Bolden's dad became a preacher at another church, causing him to leave our church, and well... it's a little harder to find time to practice with all of us. We still have me on guitar, Melissa on vocals, Mackenzie on bass, Tyler on guitar, and David on drums, but no wind section (I would rather play guitar with tyler instead of being the only trumpet). :) But we could still have a decent band, but we haven't spoken of 95:1 in forever, so I don't know. :)

This is We Fall Down... one of the well known worship songs that I wrote out for the 95:1 band! This is not us performing it, it's my MIDI version of it for the band to practice with. We first performed this for our church outside... as well as a well known hymn... I can't remember what it was, but we just randomly put it together once during practice. No written music, just kinda played it and made it up as we went. :)




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Date: 4/8/09
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