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Moe...my missing Cat :(

Sketch, Drawing, Art, Cats, Moe

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This Drawing is going to have some 'history' behind it!!! About 2 weeks ago, my baby cat, Moe took a trip to the Vets. He was Nuetered and got his Shots. On the way out to the car, we found out that one of the vets/nurses latched his carrier incorrectly :( and the door popped open and MOE was very quick to jump out (still drowsy and all :(!!!)...since, he's been missing...we've been back at least 4 times..with no luck :(...so, I thought I'd try a sketch of Moe...I haven't really worked on any Sketches in YEARS...so what better time that NOW!!!!
I'll be adding updated views of this as I work on it!!! ENJOY :)!!!!


8/1/2009 7:57 AM
i love this photo!
i hope u find him!

7/21/2009 9:51 AM
You have such a gift! I Love This Photo!

7/14/2009 7:55 PM
aw, so adorable=)

7/13/2009 8:55 PM
Cute cat - If not found, I pray he finds a good family, God bless!

7/10/2009 2:15 AM
Sadly...Moe has YET to be found, BUT here's the KEWL part..there's this guy that volunteers his time to feed the Farell Cats in that area...he's caught head or tail of Moe out of the corner of his eye on a few occasions...won't be long!!!:)

5/3/2009 1:05 PM
How precious! I hope he is safe...wherever he is!

4/19/2009 3:42 PM
Such a sweet kitty...I hope that you've found him by now!

4/11/2009 2:13 PM
No...he's been missing now for almost 3 wks. :(...thanx for asking and thanx for the compliment :)!!! I LOVE your Art Work on your page...VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

4/11/2009 11:28 AM
Has Moe been found? He is adorable.



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Date: 4/8/09
Art: Drawing