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Live On (The Doovie Brothers)

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This is a song I wrote for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers! I think I have a few pictures of them on this site. Anyway, if you don't know, I act like I'm 7 different characters in their songs! All the vocals are me, but I voice act like I'm an australian singer named Phil Marshall and another dumb dude named Doov Groove. I'm not going to go into detail with the band! Just read the info on my Doovie Brothers pictures. :)

This song is very dancie like. It's about life and not listening to the people who make fun of your dream. Don't let others tear your dream down! Keep "living on!" I wrote the lyrics when I was a sophomore in 2005, but I later put the music to it after I graduated... which I couldn't remember whan music I had in mind when writing this... that's why the verses sound dumb. :P

Live On is also the name of their album (not in stores, I just made it up). All the songs on the album are about life, growing up, and dreams and all. Also, most of the Doovie Brothers music has a fart in it somewhare (not all). If it bothers any of you, I can take them off. They just make me laugh and put me in such a great mood when I feel bad. So anyway, this is Live On by The Doovie Brothers... actually by me... I did write and sing this song. I'm just doing what acters do! I'm pretending to be different people... all at once.

Verse 1:
People tell me I’m as good as nothing,
But at least I’m something.
It don’t matter how good you do
If you try your very best (echo).

I live on!
I live on!

Verse 2:
If you’ve got someone telling you you’re nothing,
Tell them you ARE something.
You can do anything
Just put it to the test and try your very best.
If you fail, it don’t matter,
At least you tried your very best.
Pay no attention to the ones that laugh at you,
You did your very best.

Don’t think about how others think of you!
The only thing that matters is what God thinks.




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Date: 4/9/09
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