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Sarah has Flown Away (The Doovie Brothers)

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This is the VERY first lyrics I wrote. I was a sophomore in high school. I wrote it for my band, The Doovie Brothers (TDB) (and it is me singing and playing guitars), and I wrote it right after I created The Doovie Brothers... who are a cartoon band created by me... and all their songs are written and performed by me... I guess you can say "I am The Doovie Brothers." ...as weird as that sounds. This will probably not get much fame... due to the fact that I say "That was high" during the song. I don't care, the music is neato. I wish I could write lyrics like I could when I was a sophomore. These lyrics are cool! Not the message, but they all rhyme... and I'm not good with rhyming at all!!!!

Here's the story behind it: Phil Marshall (lead singer who is actually me, Ben) once had a girlfriend named Sarah Boycott. Phil thought she was the one for him, but they soon got into an argument one day! After the argument, Phil thought they would just forget about it and move on with their relationship... but the next day, Sarah called Phil on the phone and said they couldn't see each other anymore. This broke Phil's heart... so much, that he wrote the lyrics of this song after they hang up. He has not had a girlfriend ever since Sarah... and has not had one before Sarah, so she was his only one. I know, I'm weird, but you have to admit, I'm very creative... another talent of mine... creativity. :)

Verse 1:
One dark Monday morning,
I felt as if the sun weren't shining.
I got a call,
And little did I know that I would fall after the call.

She said that I was lying!
I could tell that the sun wasn't shining.
BUT THEN, the words she said
Made me want to dry and go to bed!!!

Sarah has Flown away.
So far away from me.
And if I could get her back,
I'd like that to be.

Verse 2:
She saw right through me.
It's the biggest mistake that would ever be.
She thought so dearly of me
Now, she has to get away.

I can't believe she'd do that to me,
But who wouldn't hate someone so foolish like me?
Those words she said to me were true.
She made me feel so blue!

Those words she said to me were true.
She made me feel so blue.
So blue! So blue!




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Date: 4/13/09
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