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The Rich Kids I See (TDB)

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TDB means "The Doovie Brothers," my cartoon band I created. I wrote this song for them, but it's actually me singing and playing guitars in this recording.

This song is written with a message asking for help. One day, Phil Marshall (lead singer of the Doovie Brothers... which I'm his voice) was walking the streets on a sidewalk on a cold autumn day. Then, he came across a huge house! It had everything!!! A pool, a Lamborghini (as well as many other vehicles), a fancy garage, and just the house itself was fancy enough. He then saw the kids of the family outside and heard them say, "Hey, we need a new power ranger," and, "Yea, I need a new Barbie." But Phil couldn't help but notice that they too many toys already! With that thought in mind, Phil looked over on the other side of the street and saw a poor helpless family struggling to own food, money, shelter, and a home. It was extremely cold that day and no shelter was hard! Then, Phil couldn't help but think, "Why can't the rich just stop using the money to buy things for their own satisfaction and use it to help poor and dying people... making the rich and poor more evenly "balanced."

Also, this story isn't real, I wrote it. But this song is as real as I am! I wrote it when I was a sophomore in high school... which i wrote most of my Doovie Bros. stuff durring my sophomore year. It's very ballad-like. Six-eight time signature is a very fun time signature. :) Anyway, if the vocals aren't good (which I know they're not), I just hope the message gets through.

Verse 1:
It's the problem about this world today.
They seem to want more green everyday.
Though they're famous, the money doesn't matter (echo)

The rich kids I see.
They seem to want more everyday.
The rich kids I see.
It doesn't even matter that way!
It's the beauty inside the body,
The cream inside the cookie,
The inner beauty of you!

Verse 2:
They seem to have the millions,
But that doesn't even matter!
Why do they seem to want more?
Why do they seem to want to own the world itself?

Why do they want it all? (repeat)

...dumb bridge, eh? :P




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Date: 4/13/09
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