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The Quisling
10 pgs

A home invasion turns out to be something much more personal.


Excerpts from other screenwriters(ZOETROPE)

"You have a GOLDEN idea, and you need to really think about it some more and make it sparkle! If I were you, I'd shoot this yourself."

"Wow... the subject matter is awesome! I love the story, man! There are some issues with being confused with who's who early on, but other than that, this is solid
An interesing script. Good twist at the end. A little violent but interesting plot. "

"Hi Dwhyte!

I found another of your scripts so I read it. Wow! Your stories are intense. Yours are probably
the most intense per square inch of any that I've read. You just can't stop reading! "

"I like that you took a subject that I've never seen written about and taken the viewpoint of the person whose viewpoint never gets heard. All we hear about are the mother's problems when these things happen, never the viewpoint of the baby. I think your portrayal of how someone would feel was pretty spot on. I know I'd be pissed."

"It is a fast moving drama, easy and fun to read. I wonder if it is your general style, I haven't read any of your other pieces yet. I am curious to do so now. To see how different or how similar they are."


12/28/2009 8:07 AM Premium
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