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Ryan, my oldest Son!!!! Isn't he a looker??!!!! :)

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This is my handsome 15 yr. old Son, Ryan...he's a GRRRREAT kid! He's in High School (obviously, lol)...even though he's struggled w/ Dislexia...he UN-shockingly makes straight A's and B's!!! He is currently taking Guitar lessons (second year) and plays accustic and electric very well(well...I AM his Mother...I'm GOING to say this!!!) :)!!!! Anyway...seriously, he does play well....when he first started playing (within a month or two) parts of the song "Iron Man"...BEAUTIFUL sound :)!!!! I'll prob. put him on here soon as he gets to where he's able to play a full song!!!
Other than this...he's into computers, his friends, games...etc...etc..just a normal 15 yr. old!!!!


8/10/2009 9:25 AM Premium
Looks like a heartbreaker to me~

5/18/2009 12:51 AM
AWWWWW...you are SO sweet...they MUST get their looks from their Daddies (first three one Dad together, last one Dad to himself hee hee :)...his past away when he was a year and a half :(....but, he calls my Fiance and step Dad both DAD!!)

4/19/2009 3:34 PM
Great looks must run in the family! All of your kids are gorgeous!



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Date: 4/18/09
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