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Maria (The Doovie Brothers)

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This is more of a Spanish Latin Dance song... sung in English though. :P It's also written for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers... see this page for more about them... http://www.taltopia.com/view/111514/The-Doovie-Brothers-group-picture-

I just randomly wrote this song (lyrics during my sophomore year in 2005 and music in 2008). I really don't have a girlfriend named Maria. I love the instrument solos as well at the bridge. :D And the choruses are 3 part harmony with a higher voice, medium voice, and lower voice.

Also after the 2nd chorus before the 2nd verse, I'm playing the Spanish song called Malaguena on the guitar... which is also the version that the famous guitarist, Esteban, teaches on his lesson DVD's he sells on HSN. That's the first song I learned on guitar. :)

Maria! (Phil)
Maria! -flart- (Doov)
Maria! (Toby)

I fell in love when we first met! (Phil)
I fell in love when we first met! (Doov)
I fell in love when we first met! (Toby)

Verse 1:
Maria, when we first met,
We loved to pass around notes
Just because!

Though it seemed we had our good times,
We had our bad times as well.
Well I hope you don't get away from me,
'Cause I think you're mighty swell!

Verse 2:
Your eyes are beautiful to me!
Those lips of yours are too!
I like your hair, it's soft and dark!
That skin of yours is too!

trumpet, alto saxophone, trombone, piano, and bass solos (these instruments are MIDI... the guitar is real though)

P.S. - I'm not too crazy about this song, but I do however like the solos in the bridge. :)




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Date: 4/18/09
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