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Lyrics to my legacy (screen play unfinished/wont finish)

Lyrics to my legacy(by joel larson) We start in on a small rural area in northern Utah in kaysville its lightly raining and the pot hole lined streets begin to fill into massive puddles. Its 2pm in the afternoon and a clock keeps ticking in the background. From this pot hole lined street there sits a small brick building with a big lit up screen that says Hals carpet retail. A ding goes off in the store and a customer walks in (customer): can I use the crapper. A young man of only about 23 sits behind the counter with wrinkled clothes dark shaggy hair about six feet tall with slightly pale complexion and distinguishing bright blue eyes this Conner Altright. (Conner): welcome to Hals palace of carpet where wholesales what we sale. (customer): god boy well can I use the can I didnt ask for your lifes story, can I sun? (Conner): yeah its in the back but be quick were not supposed to. Conner has been working at this Podunk carpet store for nearly three and a half years to many and the thought that carpet burns well has tempted him to set the place a blaze on many occasions. (customer) your going to need a plumber your can is broken. This is Conner Altright he is miserable. Conner goes back behind the counter until the clock strikes 4 pm Conner yawns and starts towards the door closing time at last. Conner wants to slip into a minor coma until the weekend is over. As he approaches the door the door opens and the ding goes off. The owner Hals brother in law Terry enters. Though most people call him by the name of jim bean for unknown reasons well not to unknown the man is 4ft 6 two hundred and seventy eight pounds smells funny 42 with three divorces I guess that sums up better why he is called jim bean. Though Conner liked him jim bean was a good guy just had a forty year stretch of bad luck. (jim bean): hey you want to hear the forehead cast?. His funny way of making fun of the fact he was bald. (jim bean) we have a hair recession moving in from the front with only 10 percent hair coverage and a forty percent chance of rogaine regrowth. (conner) ok funny guy I was just about to close shop. (jim bean): Hey do you want to go to the diner they have this good lookin potato bar set up and if your not sold think about all the fixins, oh man my heart almost stops when I consider all the fixins youve got to go conner. (conner ): nah I was just going to take it easy but thanks you go on without me. They both left the store and waved conner looked back he liked jim bean almost felt bad for him. Conner enjoyed his walks home it on average took twenty minutes. It was still winter and was already starting to get dark as 5 pm was approaching. Conner walked slower than normal in no rush to get home for nothing would be waiting for him. Conner would step over the cracks as he had so many times before one of those child habbits he had never tried to overcome. To many who knew conner he was well respected though thought much as a loner. In school he would never have been acused of being a class clown but the kid in the back that doesnt try to be noticed which worked well for him most of the time. He hadnt made many friends but had been loyal to the ones he had. Conner began to cough stopping on his walk to repeatidly cough. He hadnt told anyone but had been experiencing some health problems of late. Same old Conner didnt want attention or people to feel burdened. When he reached his porch conner looked around at the community. Down the road a bit families were rushing inside to escape the cold. Not conner he took a seat on his porch just trying to hold on to the last few precious moments of daylight before the sun sent this side of the world to rest. Conner just sat there for a half an hour almost in his own world. He had a funny memory. At age 12 a teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he got older and his reply was left alone. If that didnt say more about his personality than any memory he could bring to mind. Conner and three of his friends from high school had started up an alternative band. Henry the singer was all band all the time if there band could have had a mascot or are a manager henry would have filled the slot. On the drums was mike he was talented had been part of the marching band and had attended every school function known to man a self proclaimed pimp. And last and most least to those around him was davis he was overweight and not to bright when he was younger he had a severe speech impediment and kids would pick on him but conner stood up for him and so davis and conner were close. Davis was there bass player he wasnt as talented but had fun playing. As conner sat on the porch staring at the night the phone rang he picked himself up and went into answer. (mike): hey man I am at this crazy party you have to come, and dont give me that bullshit of some other time. (conner) (said soft) no I just want to stay in tonight. (mike) what a wus oh well it would do you some good but I wont pressure you are we still going to practice tomorrow. (conner) yeah just see you guys here. Conner hung up the phone lightly tapping on it with his fingers. He looked around at his empty home it smelled stuffy and clothes and dishes were everywhere. Conner walked to a small hand made night stand he picked up a picture of his mom and dad when they were younger. Conner put his thumb on each face gently then softly placed the picture face down as if not to remember a hurt that the very house he lived in represented. Conner had never known his father he had left when conner was only three the only thing that conner could ever remember of him was him playing the guitar to conners mother. Conner loved his mother she had died when conner was only six she had a fatal blood disease that caused immune problems. Her body couldnt produce the amount of plasma necessary and her blood had to be transfused frequently she had went into shock and conner had found her and ran to a neighbor for help but his mother had died a fact conner never got over. After the funeral conner was sent to live with the cousin of his mother no one knew where the father had gone. There were rumors that he had gone to the funeral but stayed a distance away. Conners father loved his mother so much people said seeing her dying was too much for him to take they had gotten pregnant on accident and he was still not ready to grow up. Conners mothers cousin Avery was nearly 50 and very strict and it didnt help that he did not favor conner. Conner would stay with Avery until age seventeen. Avery had to nearly break down the door to find conner with marijuana and Avery kicked him out. Conner went to live with davis. Davis mom had become a Seri get parent to Conner noticing the boys cries for nurturing. Conner only stayed there for less than a year. It turned out the house he and his mom had lived in was given to her by conners grandfather when he had passed away and that is where conner would end up. Conner would always pace through the house almost trying to imagine the sounds that once would have filled what felt so empty now. Though the band loved the house they couldnt believe how well the place worked out. It was at the end of a small field and a few of the houses nearby were vacant no one ever complained about the practices being to loud. Conner went into his room and sat in a rocking chair the same one his mother would hum him to sleep in. He now stayed in what was his mothers room. Though he did not sleep much but stay up at night thinking. He turned on a small nearby night lamp. And rummaged through his mothers old records one of his favorite pastimes. He put on an old beatles song. And hummed along to his favorite beatles song he could listen to it for hours also it held more meaning than any other for many reasons but it was a song he could remember his father sitting and playing on the guitar. Conner hummed yesterday dun dun dun all my troubles seemed so far away I believe in yest.. . Slowly falling asleep. A loud crashing noises woke conner it was the screen door slamming. Davis walked into the room. (davis) oh man not again you should pick up the records you know the guys will make fun of you for this. The two quickly cleaned up the records. Conner standing half awake and looking very sad said thank you. Mike walks in the room. (mike) davis why dont you make use of yourself and set up your bass guitar I know you dont play it much but at least youll look professional. Davis patted conner on the back and left the room. (mike) dude what the shit why didnt you go last night? I was there with this girl named dena and she had a friend that knew you and wanted you to come. Why you arent out trying to get your mack on I wont ever understand. (conner) (said timidly) guess we cant all be macs like you mike. Conner just shaking his head as he left the room. Conner had learned along time ago not to let mike get to him. Mike even if he went about it the wrong way he just wanted the best for people. All of them went into the music room and got the gear ready. Though henry was all about the band they had only eight songs total and had never played a show or come up with a band name that was cement. (mike) so um ya I was at the diner working an enjoyable shift you know how I do love being a bus boy. When good old jim bean would come up talking about his love for potato bars and there assortment of fixins oh but the best part was the sneeze guard. He says that a sneeze guard is a code name its really so people dont drool over the mighty fine fixins can you believe that guy what a wackjob. Dont know why those marriages didnt work out he was having a damn affair with a snack bar. Henry had just arrived carrying a bag of burritos and a mic stand. (mike) yay we are saved our leader how are we going to get big without you dear henry. (henry) shut your hole stars are the show they dont start until they arrive. Henry and davis start to eat the burritos. Conner picks up his guitar. It is a solidbody spruce top body drednaught with pearl inlays on the frets a fender it was his fathers guitar and priceless the guitar had been signed by paul mccartney. This guitar and a necklace with a guitar pick on it where his family eirlooms the necklace was his mothers. Conner just kept playing a solo riff he had come up with. (mike) listen boys an enchanting melody oh dear if you were to use that against the female resistance you would have them throwing themselves at you. Mike called it the female resistance because he saw it is a battlefield. (davis) it would be his lyrics that would win them over though, just saying. (mike) how sweet would you like him to write you a sonnet dear Jarvis I swear these quotes that come out of your mouth this is why your going to be asexual the rest of your life sometimes I wonder about your. Davis then flipped mike off a usual banter between the two. (henry) hey man I like his lyrics to I dont care what you say mike. (mike) did I stumble in on a queer pep rally or what you boys want to play some music or talk about your feelings. The thing people always said about conner was that if you couldnt find him with his guitar he would have composition book and a pen. One time mike had started to read a passage from this book and stopped realizing that the words in it were not to be read aloud. After a few hours the guys had practiced all the songs and started working towards the new song. Things were winding down and mike looked restless conner twirled his mothers necklace sitting quiet. Mike said that his friend was having a party. (mike) so everyone in dont worry davis I know you would not want to offend your mother, but what about you recluse? (conner) um. (mike)come on you pansy just stay for a little bit then we can go. (conner) ok just awhile though. Davis went home the three headed to the party. Conner started feeling sick and nervous (conner) guys pull it over I want out please. (henry) come on just a little while I think it would do you some good a change of scenery. They arrived at the party when they got to the yard mike saw his friend. They did a quick fist pound and all went inside. (host) drinks are here boys enjoy my guests await. Mike quickly met up with dena henry went for the drinks as usual conner stood there if ever there was a person who was born without the ability to blend in who wanted nothing more than to be a fly on the wall. The music and people around him made his heart pound conner decided to go on the back patio. A drunk girl ran into conner on his way outside she explained how she had loved mike and he had left her for a cheerleader skeaze as she would put it. conner handed her to one of her friends glad to exit the house. Conner saw a rocking swing and sat down and pretended he was not there. It was dark and cold but conner preferred it to the atmosphere in the house. Though the beer in his hand was a bit to cold to drink at the moment. Constant streams of people trying to make out would come out see him there and then they would retreat for another clandestine meeting place. Conner had been out there for awhile and was starting to get up when a girl came outside alone. It was a girl he had gone to school with since middle school though a fact she was probably unaware of. Her name was Alexandra templeton she had jet black hair slender build tan all the time and grey eyes that in this lighting were luminescent. People called her lexi for short though. (lexi) not interrupting anything iv seen like ten people come out and then leave. (conner) no Im just chilling out here. (lexi) id believe it you know it is pretty cold out here. She sat down by him and they just swung for awhile neither saying a word it was almost like they didnt need to. (lexi) so are you always so interesting just kidding I wouldnt be out here if I liked these kind of parties much either. (conner) I hear that I like how calm it is out here you almost need the chaos of inside to appreciate this. (lexi) iv seen you before did we go to school with wait I know I came into buy carpet with my mom I remember you work at hals carpet. (conner) my reputation proceeds me. Hanging his head in shame. (lexi) oh dont be sad wait what do they have you say when you come in the door come on. (conner) welcome to hals palace of carpet where wholesales what we sale, uh. She kept laughing. (lexi) well I need to go check on my friend you saw her on the way out she drinks a lot but if you get missing chaos you should give it a try and come in. they exchanged names and she went in. conner not so smooth would remain on the patio until henry came to get him stating that mike was hammered and belligerent a real gem. On the ride home conner thought about how refreshing talking to lexi was. Most people liked to be around conner because he in ways found himself unimpressive so it was very hard for him to judge the misfortunes of the people around him it made him calm and easy to be around but his mind so fragmented thats where most would say the drop off occurred when he was impenetrable to conversation to guarded a layer upon layer of emotional scar tissue to protect him from anymore hurt. They pulled up to mikes house and sure enough there was mikes crazy girlfriend wondering were he had been they helped mike into the room. Mike saying how am I going to be a mac with an old lady. and Henry got a verbal lashing the girl not knowing that mike had had to drag them along. As henry and conner drove to conners house conner stared out the car window as they passed the streets. (henry) you devil I bet you told that chick about the band already have a hot little groupie my hero. (conner) whats the point love blossoms a fraction faster than it dissolves. Conner would never call himself a pessimist more of a realist logic his tool. (henry) you shouldnt be so hard on yourself you make kick ass lyrics and riffs when things are bleak look for the positive. (conner) bleak good word usage. When they got back to conners house henry put in this metallica documentary the film students had made and conner went into his room to play his guitar. He finger plucks an A chord and sings softly over and over. bleak bending weak at the knees bending us softly. Conner played this softly for an hour he was feeling sick again he went into the bathroom and began to cough clenching his stomache he spit blood and coughed harder. Falling down knocking his shaver and toothbrush to the ground. His hand trembles as he tries to pull himself off the ground. He was showing symptoms of what his mom had had at this very age but he wasnt being treated and the pains were getting more severe he pulled himself to the mirror looked at himself shaking his head all he saw was flaws. A pound on the door. (henry) hey man you ok it doesnt sound good in there. (conner) yeah man just a chest cold outside to long. For conner lying was never hard hurting his friends with the news was much worse a lesser of two evils in his mind. 2-21-07

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this is a story i started dont know if its good was going to be a screenplay more of an idea guy i guess than a writer




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