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silent screams

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Look at the sky look for love
As it falls from the clouds to the ground
Look for me as I catch the hopeless dying
Watch it grow as I feed it life
Watch it mold into what it needs to be

How can this be? It takes a hold of me
It drains the life right out of me
How can this be? It tears apart my life
Why wont I see? It eating everything that is me
It leaves me to drown in my tears as it walks away
As I watch my last moments pass me by

Why do I dream of a lullaby
Crystal blue oceans that reflect the sky
The warmth compels me the sun just tells me
That life will die
It will die and I will be ruined as it burns
I have not yet seen a place that I can be
I stretched so far but I cant seem to see
A place where I can be


11/8/2009 9:40 AM
great lyrics, great melody, i don't know what you use to record or if you have an option to record multi layered tracks but you should try and double your vocal by singer over it again, especially toward the end, but other than that, great



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Votes: 7
Views: 1,387
Date: 4/21/09
Music: Rock