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Free (The Doovie Brothers)

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Please note, I do not like this version of this song!!!! Listen to this newer one! >>> http://www.taltopia.com/view/133514/Free-newer-version-

This is a Christian song I wrote for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers. See this page for more about them!!!!!! http://www.taltopia.com/view/111514/The-Doovie-Brothers-group-picture- Basically what you need to know is I voice act as all these guys!

This is a somewhat basic Christian song of mine, sung by me (heheh, using a mic from the webcam)! I wrote this song one day on my keyboard! I programed a drum beat to play with chords while I played the melody with an instrument on the keyboard and this is what I came up with! I hate my voice, but I like my voice when I sing as Doov... who sings background vocals and lead during the last chorus. I can sing with more feeling with that kind of voice as well as much much higher! Why? I don't know. Maybe because it's not suppose to actually be me, but it is. I don't know. Maybe I should sing like that as my original voice. I don't know. :P

This is the first song I sang in front of my church! I WAS SCARED TO DEATH!!!!!! To play the trumpet in front of an audience is somewhat hard (not too bad), but MAN!!! Singing was so much harder to do in fron of people! But, people really enjoyed this song and told me how blessed they were to hear me praising God! Most of them didn't even think I even had a voice. :P

If you listen to this song just to judge it and you don't like it, I only hope that you get convinced by the words to believe in God and Jesus and that He died for you to make you "free!" This song is written in the point of view from a lost person (or non-Christian) who really feels awful for things he has done in the past; things that keep him down to the ground; chained to the ground! But then, he gets saved by trusting and believing in Jesus Christ and then, he is able to fly because his chains (burdens) are gone... like in Chris Tomlin's Amazing Grace Song)! YEAH BOY!

Music and Lyric by: Ben Mullins

Verse One:
I’ve been looking for a way out from this pain that I’ve caused
In myself. I can’t take it anymore!
Is there anything that can free my soul?
‘Cause all I need right now is love!

Verse Two:
I have heard about this Jesus (echo), how he freed everyone (echo)
So I thought, why don’t I try getting saved?
Then I realized this is all I need.
To be with You and forget about my past.

I’m free, free from my shame,
Free from my pain. Yes, I’m free.
I’m free, free from my shame,
I’m free from my pain! Thank you Lord!

Verse Three/Bridge:
And I now know this is all I need,
The Lord of lords and King of kings
My savior.

Note: I play the guitars in here (besides the electric guitar... done by MID) and I sang (lead and background vocals... basically all vocals you can hear)




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Date: 4/23/09
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