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112895.txtjanus heartsA Poem by Summer R Who we are in our mindsTo show all others in this timeJanus hearts beat as mineBut what she sells outside is not the true person behind blindsA smiling face, a light walkTells nothing of her true heartsEveryday the same, rain or sun she moves onEach day fabricated of the last, never changing, never seeing past, past the way we live our lives in this day and timeFollowing everyone the sameShe tells herself in her mind this it, i do belongBut inside her doubt ariseClouds her mind and maybe her life is not so sublimeSilent cries go unheard for this life is not as it shouldEverything laid to waste because of all the greed and hateIt brings her down, makes her madWhy can't i just be happyBut this is life and i am wellI should not dwellSmile and wave happily to everyone she passesFitting in, belongingFabrication of her longingthis is life, this is mineFollow in step as everyone elseAgreeing and pleasing so no one can see thy true self Sublimate her life this wayFor an easier life gainedDay after day,week after week, year after yeara decade turns to twoThe burden of this simulacra of her life, wears and tears and burns her thru untill there is no light Dark and coldforever toldStay in line and all will be fineBut nothing is fine, all is wrongWe just keep pushing onNo one see's, no one care'sJanus hearts are aware, she wants to scream, scream it loudBut does not dare for everyone would just frownTo belong and get alongAgree to all she see'sTo be part of this human raceSo her life will not be misplacedOn and on hiding wellDeep inside, buried alive to she herself believe's nothing else ¬ 2008 Summer RPage 1

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A poem i wrote awhile back


3/3/2010 4:30 PM Premium
I just came across your media. We hope to see some more media from you!



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