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Evening Star story


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Evening Star By: Cole Stanley Chapter 1: Newspaper I was not happy, here I was packed up to leave to Waiteville, WV, and I wasn't particularly happy about the fact that I was leaving. Mom!" I said truly trying not to be a burden. What?" She asked breathing roughly putting her many clothes into where my drawers used to be-I knew that it wouldn't be long before she took them out though. Why do I have to go?" I asked menacingly eyeing her. She looked up her ragged face went through me. Because," She started "I have to go with Gabriel to Washington" She said sharply. I know dad needs help, but....." I continued but then broke off mid sentence as her mom's famous engagement gift-Gabriel- walked into the room planting a soft kiss on my mom's cheek. She giggled then continued. I scoffed then went into the Kitchen looking for something to cleanse my suddenly ravenous stomach. I found a Twinkie and immediately bit its head off. Once I finished my sudden snack, I found that mom and Gabriel where in the Living room surrounded by boxes. I also suddenly got sick because despite my moms Gabriel looking good he had slicked his hair back messily and I was not going to tolerate that! I ran over to him and immediately began pulling his hair back to the right shape. He protested but I ignored.Wha-He broke off mid sentence as I suddenly left. I ran up to my room pounding the stairs 2 at a time. I slammed the door behind me and ran up to my bed and logically "Died" On it. I slowly got up and then I fumed Who the heck does he think he is!" I was suddenly furious and stomping around. " I don't think that should be touching mother!" I exclaimed still running around my room I stopped as something caught my sight. It was a copy of the derricked times of Pierre, South Dakota. It read: "Waiteville, Wv Something all strange and unnatural is happening in Waiteville, West Virginia. There have been sightings of fire and ice type things in the area" I stopped reading at that point and sighedI thought sulking around my room for about 15 Minutes. then decided that I would be better apologizing. I grudgingly stomped down the stars to the box filled living room. Gabriel saw me and immediately said Are you done?" Yes I stated, clearly looking irritated. He saw this and immediately bit his lip, Mom stepped in. Are you done? She stated looking at me from the couch.Look,I just wanted to say Im sorry for storming out of here I snapped losing my self-control. Look Mom said getting up out of her seat. Young lady, you are leaving tomorrow to She emphasized the world West Virgina.Cant we all get along for one day? I trying to get along but I dont like the way he does his hair She said coldly. He does his hair fine! Mom exploded looking at the greasy mess next to him. I sighed, wanting to kill her. Whatever I said walking to the outside world. It was cold, I shivered without my jacket, surly I would have known that it was chilly up here in . I took the route to my favorite place to be- The store- and headed to the perfume isle. It didn't take long (as usual) for my mom to finally call me on the intercom like she always did." ally rosandose, please come to the reception desk, ally rosandose" I sighed and heaved myself twords the front counter. My mother stood there almost worry-stricken if she had not known where I was." Lets go home now, honey" she said playing the charade with perfect complexity. I sulked out not wanting to maker her any angrier. I sulked into the car with her not making eye contact for a solid 5 minutes. I understand that you are-She didnt finish. Are a what? I asked curiously shifting my gaze to her. I understand she started trying again That you dont want to go to West Virginia She looked at the road with a smug smile on her face. Ok I dont nessicerrally like the change going on in my 16 year old life I retaliated. However, I do want you to be happy so thats why I am going to go. She looked at me with pleading eyes to tell me not to guilt her like that. Alright Was all she said as she caught glimpse of an angry Gabriel As usual I commented upon rolling my eyes and got out. Chapter 2: The trip WHERE THE HELL WHERE YOU????!!!!!!! Gabriel exploded when I got out of the car and stalked over twords the door. The same place I always go, Gabriel I managed to stifle as I stalked up the steps completely ignoring him. Blah, blah and more blah! I thought as I stalked up the stairs, absentmindedly. IM STILL NOT DONE TALKING TO YOU, WHERE THE HELL WHERE YOU?????"he continued to rant indistinctly. I hurried to the door of my room and shut it dramatically. I restarted the packing of my laptop that I'd forgotten about roughly 2 days last. I quickly and nervously realized that he was ranting about me. "WHY DO YOU LET HER GET AWAY WITH THIS?" He exploded. I'd never seen him act this way. Usually, even though he still doesnt like me he'd just sulk in his chair. Obviously not today! Shes leaving tomorrow, Gabe" I heard mom protesting for me, yet so sharp but without a lot of force behind her words. I decided it was time to stop eavesdropping. I sat awake on my bed for roughly four hours. Then I fell into a peaceful, blissful sleep. I awoke at about 6:59 am according to my clock. I stretched and put on a faded pair of jeans and a Abercrombie & Fitch top. I hesitantly went down the stairs, if someone was up, I'd know before they did. Lucky for me no one was up. I decided to eat again as I approached the kitchen. Everything had been cleaned up to some extent. I mean that the fact that the boxes where no longer everywhere on the floor and the ones that where on the floor where stacked neatly against the wall. I decided on pancakes. I made the batter and made the physical pancake. I ate in silence debating my options and noted that I had approximately 4 hours since it was 8:05 and I had until 12:30 and then I had to leave. I organized my thoughts about the day into an equally good part and bad part folder that I could keep at bay for the day. I immediately started dishes and when I finished I ran up the stairs, not bothering to let up to pounding. I went and got my towel and ran to the bathroom. I turned on the hot water and undressed I got into the shower and scrubbed myself after that I stood in the mist of the hot water. The steam felt good on my back and actually unknotted some of my muscles. I went over the things I'd learned about Waiteville in my head. The newspaper article and the things in it. What did it mean? Why? Also, Why do I have to be a part of the mayhem and chaos that might be in that town? I started shivering again and I knew that I'd have to restart the process if I thought about it any longer. I got out, realizing the calming was futile and grabbed the white towel. I looked at myself in the mirror briefly and then put my Abercrombie & Fitch top and the faded jeans back on. I went to my room to deposit my towel and moved down to the kitchen. I did the same maneuver as this morning to see if anyone was up. This time my mom was up, fixing herself coffee. I made my step very quiet and crept up behind her. Just as I was about to try and scare her she turned around. Cup flinging coffee in all directions. " Hellooo-oh!" My mom breathed as the coffee flew out of her hand on to me and then ceramic crashed onto the floor. I was covered in coffee. I leaned over and started furiously rubbing my eyes with the dry part of my Abercrombie & Fitch top. I stood after the coffee was out of my eyes and suddenly felt burning in the areas the coffee hit. I cried out and left the room-in too much pain to hear what mom was saying. I skidded into my room and grabbed the first clean shirt and pants I could find. Then I went to the bathroom and set a cool shower and further rubbed my eyes. Once the burning ceased I got out and dressed. I deposited my Abercrombie top and jeans and started down the stairs. I was just too eager to get down that I took the steps 3 at a time and almost hurt myself doing so. I went directly to the kitchen and saw mom bent over the dust pan and broom sweeping the stuff up. Obviously, Gabriel is a good sleeper since he wasn't up even from the cries of protest we made to each other. Hi Mom," I said nonchalantly. Hello Ally" She said, sweeping the remnants of the broken ceramic into the dustpan and into the trash. Look, I shouldn't have tried to scare you" I started. She stopped me. did nothing wrong" She sighed. I should have anticipated it" She looked out the little kitchen window and obviously was absorbed in what she saw. I pored myself some coffee, being careful to fill it up with everything halfway. Finally my mom spoke I hope you will to enjoy West Virginia" She said as if the incident had never happened and I'd been hallucinating. Not on you're life" I said to her tartly. She sighed that was about all she did for the rest of the time until I had to leave. The window was rolled down and the suitcase with my clothes was in the backseat. I had my stuff being sent up to WV so it'll come tomorrow night. The exchange at the airport had seemed to take years but at least she was on a plane to somewhere unknown. On the airplane it had been quiet; the old lady sat next to me and appeared to be sleeping although I knew she wasnt.... In Roanoke (by request of favorable dad-Gregory) I got off the plane and got my luggage and went over to the terminal that my dad was meeting me at. I saw him over at a complimentary table filled with snacks, cookies, cakes and even soda pop. I stood near the hanger and watched him. He would look around as if he was a thief. It said ' And underneath it. Said '. I knew Gregory well so I continued to watch even after the 3:30 flight to Paris was off. He took little mouthfuls of things and stuffed a lot of things into his pockets. I figured the reason he stopped is because he was waiting for me. I came out from behind my waiting place and went over to him. "Hey Allison" Greg said to me pleasantly. "Hey dad, I shot right back." Whacha have?" I made it sound like a simple answer rather than "If you don't give it to me I'll take it from you! He glared at me briefly and then said "Snacks" In a small voice. Now my dad was very short, a slight bulge under his shirt. He had a nice skinny man looking face with green eyes and dirty blonde hair. My dad (as you realize) has a soft spot for snacks. "Come here" I said to him because I knew he was trying to lose 100 pounds and he wasn't going to this way. I raided his stash as soon as he came over. I set the better part of 56 Muffins, 6 Chocolate moose cakes, 105 little oatmeal cookies with the cream filling. 60 Packs of-Cheetos? I held them up he stared at me dumbfounded as He turned out his pockets. 2 11lb Jars of honey. As well as 60,000 pounds of coffee. I swear he needed a bag for the things but evidently he could fit everything. I set the stash on the table again. Are shopping? I asked dumbfounded myself. "Uh, no" He managed to say. I shrugged it off. So how have been doing?" I asked curiously mainly curious for his sanity. "Good, good..." He trailed off. We put my luggage into his car and started off. My dad followed the speed limit strictly a solid 85 mph because he got in a speed related crash last year and broke his arm. Thank GOD that he was whereing his seat belt. About 3/4 of our 5 hour ride back home (and honestly I don't know why he wanted Roanoke-there is a perfectly good airport not 3 miles away in Sweet Springs). I asked Has Waieville ch-" I didn't finish because he broke me off. "No as you can imagine it is still one of the sleepiest towns and greyest and yet-" he looked at me briefly and then turned back to the road. It hardly rains." He looked to the road and we drove and watched in silence for the next 1/4 of the trip. An hour later we pulled up to his house.************************************************ The house was a solid reddish-yellow. It was 2 story Victorian style. It had bay windows and a big backyard. Going in you see to you're immediate left a kitchen. Then Gregorys room is to the right about halfway up the hallway. His room was almost all red (his favorite colour). He had a red bed and red walls, a red computer and even a red oak headboard. The only other colour is black and that goes for his dressers. He obviously couldn't find any red ones. Out of his room if you walk straight ahead you will find where he plays his favorite games-Final Fantasy. This is also known as the entertaining room and living room. To the left before you even enter the living room comes a small little stairs that takes you up o the stairs and promptly you see a dozen pictures of my family and this is on the left. On the right you will first find the guest room. This room was almost entirely white and transparent so its not like you get much privacy. The next room is my room it looked as if someone had thrown a colour pallet against the wall. It had lavender sheets and bedspread, tiger pillows. It had walls the colour of charcoal (Lovely, now I'd get to see grey things my house as well as outside). I had a red computer desk and a black internet connection cord. I had white dressers and bearu's 2 of them. I had a closet of which I could hang my essentials. I had a dull red numerical clock glowing on my bedside table. My bed was on the left wall if you came in through the threshold. My computer essentials where at the foot. My dresser was by the closet and my other one was on the other side. I had my other dresser on the other side of my window and my desk-I'd have to rearrange. And last but not least, The bathroom was all white with fluffy white towels and a shower for the kings.************************************************* I set my suitcase down and began unpacking it. I put some of my Abercrombie tops away and for some reason I'd packed some Sean john boys shirts. As I Was unpacking I heard a light tap on the door-or rather rap- And a gruff voice asked if he could come in. I figured he figured that I was dressing and I quickly dismissed the idea and opened the door for my feverish father. He came in and sat down reconaissanceing my pile of clothes. "Are you-" He asked. Yes" I interjected. "Ok, well come downstairs with me!" He seemed very overwrought because he was tired from driving but very jumpy all the same. I followed Gregory down the stairs and once I got down there I got hit in the head with-metal? I cried out and instinctively and dug my hands into the ground to catch my fall. Gregory rushed over and muttered Im sorry" He was very indistinct. He helped me up and handed me the metal that he hit me with. I looked briefly into my palm then asked stupidly What is this?" I held it up, the kitchen lights caused the keys to something glitter. Um look again" He said but Id already found out what it was. What are these keys for?" I asked, glaring at him devilishly. Come" He said very to the point. I followed him out to the garage that he was at. He put the little 4 digit code in for the newer garages. The minute I saw a glint from a fender I realized he got me a car. Huh?" I couldn't express my gratefulness. I'd just gotten my drivers license at 16 which is my age now. Its nothing new but it is a 1971 corvette coupe" He said very excitedly. I don't care!" I shrieked and hugged him. Someones car alarm blared. oops, sorry" I giggled. He sighed. Can I go for a ride?" I asked but it was nearly 10:50 at night. Well, lets see He mused No, you have school tomorrow and we still need to eat." He began starting in. I stood by the cars smooth white exterior and marveled at the beige leather seating. I decided at about 11 to go in. I stalked into the kitchen to the smell of steak and potatoes with a hint of something else-candy? My dad was an excellent cook and I was not so terrible I didn't do much good at anything outside of pancakes. " Hey, dad" I said as I settled the table. I startled him and he almost burnt himself on the kneading of something brown with peanut chunks in it. " Whacha makin' " I asked very intrusively. He answered right away" Well, Steak and potatoes and Peanut brittle" He said as he tested the constancy. He measured the temputure of the candy again and set it in the fridge. There," He said at last and took out the steaks and brushed barbeque sauce on them and took the potatoes as well. Now we have dinner at almost midnight and a dessert" He said as he set the table. Once the table was set, He began serving. We sat and ate in murky silence. So, " I began well enough. He broke me off." We need to get to bed, the both of us" He said as he was glancing at the clock. I realized I tired and I yawned deeply. Yeah, Thanks for mentioning it!" I scolded and then put my dish in the sink. I gave Gregory a hug and ran up to my room. I dumped my stuff onto my bed, fishing for a night gown. I finally found my prized elegant silk nightgown. It felt very soft in my hands and I put it on. I was too tired to shower I thought to myself. I began to feel like I needed some sort of music- As I was nervous about tomorrow. I unpacked my laptop and rebooted the laptop and put the cd I'd gotten of Utada Hikaru. I set it onto simple and clean (techno remix). This helped me sleep every night so I couldn't imagine why tonight would be any different. I climbed back into bed and tried to sleep but I just couldn't. I don't know why but I just couldn't sleep. I got out of bed, feeling like I could pass out at anytime and silently looked out my window for like an hour. The air smelled sweet and refreshing. It gave me time to think. The trees enveloped me in darkness and I silently thanked them. The dark was comforting and I thought about what might happen the next day. I had no way of knowing to any extent. I figured I might meet some people new but then what if the schools student body is filthy rich and I just stalk in and ask for a schedule? I knew half the possibilities that I was considering where outrageous. Still they where possibilities. I had not known what time it was but after the cd finished for the 5th time. I looked at the time and It was 4:00am I could hear Gregory softly snoring if I concentrated hard enough. I finally felt fit to sleep as the sun was coming over the clouds. Small rays of light tried to get in while they could before the clouds could absorb them. I had roughly 1 hour to sleep and it was already dark again at 6. I immediately went to bed and slept like a log until the alarm woke me for another day of rigorous work. Chapter 3: High School. I got up, very tired from a hour of sleep. I walked aimlessly over to the door and took a whiff of the air. I don't know why I was so intrigued about smelling the air but it made me feel more alive. I ran downstairs and found Gregory sitting at the table. He set the paper he was reading down and folded his hands just precisely by the coffee mug and paper. Good morning!" He greeted warmly. Good morning, dad" I said sleepily. I was mostly pretending. "You sound tired" He observed. I staggered over to the kitchen cupboards and looked for the only thing I knew how to make besides pancakes and eggs and toast-cereal. "Yeah," I told him. I fumbled around in the cupboards for some other cereal than Raisin bran. I gave up after the total duration had passed about 10 Minutes and settled for Raisin Bran. I pored it out into a bowl that I'd packed with me that I'd brought down the night before. Something slithered out of the box and went on to the counter. Ewe" I shrieked, I was gonna have to stop doing that. I silently cursed to myself for screaming but who could blame you when a giant bug slithers out of a cereal box? I dropped the cereal and scooted myself to the opposite end of the kitchen. Dad, when did you buy this cereal?" I managed to choke out. He looked up to the ceiling as if it had the answers. I thought earnestly. He looked bemused at my performance and seemed to recall something. Oh, lets see it was sometime before the divorce....." He trailed off and I shrieked, horrified. 15 years ago!" I was disgusted. I threw away the cereal and the milk and the bowl-not making a move to go get them out of the trash. Thats it!" I stated very loudly. I am going to the store!" I held out my hand and he got the drift and gave me 50 dollars. Just," He started. Get what you need!" and he left only to return with a small box. I set the money on the table and went to see what he was holding. Whats that?" I asked analytically. It is something from Gabriel" He made a face and I shoved him away from the box. I cut open the box with a knife that was lying on the floor-which really shouldn't have been there. Knife?" I asked him handing the knife up to him. He groused something and threw the knife in the sink. It landed with a clatter that distracted me from opening the box. I soon recovered and flipped the boxes flaps open. There lay a jacket of black leather with a note form Gabriel. I picked up the jacket and showed it to Greg. He got you a jacket." He murmured. I ignored him and put the jacket back in the box and took out the note. It was neatly written in cursive handwriting-showing my mom had written the letter. Gabriel couldn't spell banana if you asked him to for his life let alone write cursive. This is how I knew it was moms handwriting and his note. It read: Ok, as if-even in November I read more. I wasn't expecting his name to be written in cursive. I thought to myself. Um, Ally?" Gregory catechized. What?" I said to loud. You are going to be late." He notified me. What time am I supposed to leave for school in order to get there on time?" I inquired. 8:45" He answered promptly. I looked at the clock questioningly. It was 8:35. Oh!" I breathed and ran up the stairs. I prodded around looking for something suitable to where. I found some plad skirt and white blouse. By the time I actually found something it was 5 minutes till I had to leave. I didn't bother taking a shower-it was pointless. I packed a backpack with everything that I could possibly use. I ran down the stairs rushing past Gregory. Hey! Hey" Gregory yelped after me. "I stopped short and turned around. What?" I asked then added "I'm going to be late". I was much frazzled and now was not the time to be asking questions and getting me upset. Do you know how to get there" He asked as he put on horse riding gear. I slung my backpack casually over my shoulder impatiently. No" I sounded very off. Ok its off mille-" The saying broke off because he reminded me." Yes dad, I know where it is!" I said stiffly. He continued tieing his shoes on and got up and went to the door and got his keys to his car. I love you, I'll be at Jok's house" He said. Who and where is this.....Jok?" I asked, confused. He is the friend that you used to play with his daughter" He said. I recalled this but didn't show much recalling in my impatient set expression. Ok," I said quickly and started walking out the door. Wait!" He cried after me. I stopped instinctively but then kept walking until he jerked me from behind. What?" I was furious -I needed to get to school now! Do you know where Joks address is?" He asked. No, and I don't want to know!" I said defensively. I think I'm gonna come home and crash, now let go of me!" I jerked free as his grasp loosened. He frowned at me and then asked at the wind made his curls go haywire. Do you want you're jacket?" I looked at him stupidly again, letting the word hang in the air. "No" I finally said and raced to my car, punching in the code 0942. The garage opened and I raced to my car. I got in and shut the door. The leather seats where colder than I expected. I quavered and then figured that Gregory was right. The day was chilly but I was already late for school. I put the car in shift and left the house eagerly. I turned onto the well lit street. It was 9:00 in the morning, sure but it was as dark as early morning on a rainy day. I had not noticed The Lake was outside of Gregorys house. The murky water of where people mustve played before the eternal darkness. I thought about that as I raced past the lake. The school was not as far away as I anticipated. It turns out the street Gregory was referring to was Miller pond st and was just a couple streets down. The school was sandwiched in between houses and a small Fire department. A small sign basically told me where to go it proclaimed that Waiteville high was just after the 22 house on the street. This wasnt very helpful because counting houses while trying to drive was a recipe for disaster. It took me a solid 30 minutes before I located the school. It was a plain 4 story brick building with parking lots designated for student use. I got out. Oddly enough, It was raining now. They where small droplets that I couldn't have noticed hitting the windshield in the car. I put my hands in my pockets and braced myself for my day. I grabbed my backpack out of the car, slinging it over my shoulder; I stalked over to the double doors of the school and went inside. The blast of warm air startled me and I stood there dazed for a second, recovering my composition. I walked a little slower making sure that any more blast fans wouldn't catch me by surprise. Despite my efforts, another one caught me off guard, I fumed. I made my way to red oak doors that proclaimed to be the front office. I pushed past the heavy doors and went into a room that looked as if someone was a pink frantic. Pink walls, pink chairs even a pink television. This didn't look very school-like. This very strongly reminded me of a bank's lobby. The chairs faced the TV and stacks of magazines littered the tables. There where women behind glass panes with the speaker and all. I guess the school colour was pink because nearly everyone was dressed in it. I started to feel like I was a little old fashioned and underdressed. Finally; I treaded over to a lady behind glass. She looked as if she was in her late 40's with chalky white hair that made her look 70. The only reason I knew it was a mid 40 year old was her face. It was all perfectly aligned with everything else. This, now, could have made her look 20 although I wasn't sure. How may I help you?" She inquired cooly. Yes, Actually I need my schedule." I said very casually as if I hadn't thought that. Certainly" She said as she looked down through a stack of papers with little 12pt font. Im new" I added helplessly, the lady didn't look up from the papers. She seemed to take more than 1,000 years and I was getting impatient. Instead of flat out yelling at the lady to look at the computer, I looked at students as they came and went. Obviously many of them werent rich BUT A lot of them looked like they owned million dollar mansions. Miss?" The lady broke my trance and was done looking through the papers on her desk. A name would be helpful" She said facetiously. Oh, right" I said with true disappointment. Allison- May- Rosandose" I recited effortlessly. She finally looked at her computer and began typing furiously. Daughter of Gregory Ash Rosandose. Daughter of Lavelle rain trommell?" She asked looking at me. She continued Birth date February, 25, 1992? Yes, I said eagerly to the woman. Ok, here is youre schedule She handed me a pink sheet of paper inscribed with my name and classes in gold lettering. This is what I was afraid of. Oh, and you need a pass to youre. She droned on and I glanced at my schedule. I had math 1 period, great. I hated math; It was my worst subject and I had it 1 period of all periods. She handed me another gold, embroidered, pink piece of paper with the title Hall Pass- Do not discard. Thanks I muttered Darkly. Now hurry along The woman shooed me out. But, where do I. I didnt bother to finish since I was being led out and the lady was helping someone else. Great, I thought, where do I go now? I looked up and down the deserted corridor. Looking for a Mr. Beaner. The corridors, now that I noticed, where the same tint of pink as the office. Mr. Beaners door was all red mahogany. I walked in, flushed from the embarrassment as a short, stalky, man stopped instruction and a dozen or more kids stared at me. My heart stopped for a second as people began muttering about my outfit. I flushed and then went over to the teacher to give him my pass. Miss AllisonRosandose? He asked as he read off the pink Hall Pass. Of course I said snottily, I didnt want to continue to be in front of everyone while they stared me down. Um, Ok, he stammered. Take a seat next to Merum He pointed to the seat where Id sit. I stomped over-dramatically to my seat. Ok, class Mr. Beaner instructed. I assumed he was talking about the review for factorial equations. Now we are talking about factorial equations, Allison Mr. Beaner addressed me. Big surprise! Ok I said I wasnt in the mood for math at the moment. Mr. Beaner droned on about the nessicery graphing-which I thought didnt exist- of factorial equations. I wasnt really listing I was just waiting to get out of this class. Finally, the bell rang and I was the first one out of the class. I read my pink schedule-which I hate- and it said Reading; Teacher: Landowska m/g room: 25 Ok, If Id known there was a room number on it I totally would have run to my first period. It appears to me that we have an 8 hour school day and 1 hour pre classes at 8 classes a day. The bell rang and I had no idea of how they treated the young ones or aka new students if they where late. I ran to room 25 and opened the door just before the final bell rang. Again, another dozen students where staring at me again as I lopped my way over to the teachers desk. The name tag indeed told me that this was Mr. Landowskas room. Hello, Im Allison Rosandose. I said as convincingly as I could. The teacher looked up from what he was writing and immediately sized me over and said in a totally unfriendly way, Take youre seat by Jameson.. I rolled over on my heels and began walking towards the seat that Landowska had pointed to. Ok class. Landowska said after he finished writing on the board. We are going to read Shakespeare chapter 19 He opened his book and dozens of students followed the example. I reached under my desk in the same fashion and retrieved the . Everyone turned to chapter 19 and thus I was again oblivious to the world in my daydreaming. I was totally cut off guard when the bell rang and I still had my stuff out. It was the boy I sat next to that popped me out of my daze. It was Jameson. Hello, Um. He couldnt find any words. The bell rang, right? I finished for him. Uh.. Yeah He said unsteadily. Thanks I muttered. Jameson and Rosandose It was Mr.landowska. I have a class. Sure enough 26 pupils where standing outside the door waiting patiently or not- To get in. I quickly repacked my bag and looked at the ever so bright schedule. It seemed I had Physical Education next in room; I squinted to see as the bright lights washed out the schedule. Room 14, Mrs. Ingleson. I quickly ran out of the room and ran to PE. Finally one of the classes I LOVED. I ran into room 14 and sure enough there was a huge gym. There where TWO huge gyms on the left were the Boys Gym and on the right was the girls gym. I hung a right and went in through the double doors. Finally one class I wasnt late for, to either regard. I was late though and Just as I stepped in the tardy bell rang. And you are? One of the girls snickered. She was wherein a pink jumper and was in all pink. You wait I warned. The girl made a mock of a scared person. I practically ran into the Gym teacher. SHE was the nice one. Hello, and who might you be? She said sweetly. Im new, I started I am Allison May Rosandose. She looked at me thoughtfully and then rifled through her papers. Uh see. Rosandose.Ingleson..PE 3 period She muttered as she found what looked to be a hot pink schedule. I swear I was going to have a seizer from all of the pink. Oh! She said as if shed found it 12 years ago. Go sit by She looked at a pink seating chart-now I really was gonna faint-. Michelle anonmyoua she finished. A small but pretty girl raised her hand avidly in the air. Yes. She didnt bother to finish. I went to the girl that was still waving her hand wildly. I sat down Um. You can stop waving I whispered urgently. Oh She said and stopped waving. Thanks. Ok, class time for a day where you do what you want, She started. I got excided because I knew what I wanted to do. We have basketballs, volleyballs, footballs, soccer balls, softball, baseballs, and even lacrosse. She proudly stated, mostly to me. So. Do what you wish. The girls all ran to each individual location specified by the balls in the area. I sat there for a split second and then raced towards the basketballs as fast as I could muster. I grabbed the ball, turning it in my hands and decided it wasnt flat. I wished silently for an available hoop, as there were none. A clichT of girls wandered out of the basketball area; leaving me with a hoop. I went and dribbled the ball slowly, taking in the sounds and sights of the big 3x4 meter gym. I shot and shot till I just couldnt any more. Around the time for bell ringing, I had gone into the perfect amount of ennui. I sulked there for about 10 minutes and then barely got up in time for the bell. The day flew by in a amount of ennui that never seemed to where off until I realized at lunch at the end of the day that I was hungry. I sulked to the cafT, not bothering to look at the menu. I got up there and had whatever was readily available. Thatll be $3.65, please The lunch lady barked, holding out her hand. I grabbed money out of my bag and paced as susurration as possible to the table. I sat across 2 rows of 8 people and I was basically in the middle. I dug into my encrusted sandwich and my ennui was lifted immediately. I turned to look at the busy lunchroom. The din was as loud as when you are at a game where a famous person plays. I took small bites of the other parts of my meal, careful not to strewn them across the person next to me. I looked up and around the busy lunchroom, It was quite normal. There where different tables with different kids sitting at it. I looked some more and noticed that there where different kids at different tables that I knew from my classes. However, by far the most intriguing in the lunch room was a guy from my Computer class. I think his name was Aje Tomeya but I didn't remember. He was a tall, lanky guy with a cute face and some weird French accent. My eyes searched the premises for something interesting to look at. My eyes, all dull and grey found absolutely nothing that looked remotely interesting. I looked at the remnants of my lunch-or dunch. I ate quickly, leaving crumbs in the seat I sat in. I dumped my tray into the trash recess and started to walk out of the room. For one thing, the day was not wasted. Although.... It wasn't the best day in Allison history. I walked out of the schools double doors and into the grey day. The leaves around me rustled and I picked up the pace. From what I could see there was nobody around, I thought. Then, as if by....well....magic. A guy appeared out of no where. I reared back instictively and then realized that what I was doing was childish. He was.... Indescribable, He had a parka on and was wherein wind pants. He had a pretty normal face except that it was more aligned and straight. He reached over helpfully. I stood there, awestruck. " Helllooo.." He sarcastically said, waving his hands in my face while leaning over. I broke out of trance as other people started pouring in the parking lot. He seemed oblivious to the noise around him and was still holding his hand out vainly. I took it and he helped me over to him. He let me go and introduced himself. I am Drevin Mackovich" He said in a smooth, in control voice. Oh no! I 'd gone back my trance. This time, however, he pulled me up hand in hand and snapped me out of my trance again. His hands where strong and seemingly glowing. " I am.... Allison....Rosandrose?" I squeaked. Yes," He heard my question. Whats the matter?" He asked just as soothingly as before. Nothing," I blinked and refocused on the busy lot. We where one of the last ones. " Hey, listen um... I am going over to Willow bend after school" He started. He kinda moving fast on this....but, he was interested in . I was very happy that in a school of pink that one guy likes ME. Id love to," I started quite nicely. I have to go meet someone by the name of Jok and Jamesela" I said. But, after that you could talk to me." I thought that was what he was talking about. Yeah," He knew I was just looking at his face. Well," I said, quietly and started to walk towards my car. He walked- or rather ran to his car and was in it before I got my keys out. He started his car and was gone immediately. I started my car and drove out of the lot in perfection. I had been the top scoring driver in both commuting and high speed chase when I took my odd driving test. I edged out of the school grounds and moved towards Joks house. Chapter 4: Real I was almost to Willow Bend. This place was sultry and its brightness absented from Waiteville was somehow unreal. I edged down the road; I knew where Jok's house was by almost heart. This was mostly because I used to play with Jamesela a lot of the time when I was 6. They lived on Toy lane and I was only 2 streets away from them. I turned onto toy lane, careful not to bump into the car on my immediate right as this was a narrow street. This street had changed since I moved to South Dakota. It used to be a happy, cheery, bright and sultry street but now-except for the sultry, It was a dump. Trash littered the gutters and even the yards and houses. Toilet paper and eggs seemed to be on the only living trees and houses as well. It was kind of eerie being in a place-or street- that had the sun on it but was dark all the same. I tried to find the house I was looking for;I noted. He didn't tell me about the address but then again I didn't think I was coming over to Jok's house. I pulled over when I saw Gregorys 2005 Hyundai x6350 with the West Virginian license plate. Suddenly, the details of the once clean residence kicked in and what I saw Joks house his house was the same as every other house on the block. The only thing he didn't have was toilet paper and eggs on his house and trees and shrubs. There was another car in the lot as well, as Volkswagen by the looks of it. I got out and my hair immediately whipped around by face. It was sultry . I ran to the door and noticed that of all the things he kept clean he kept the one piece of furniture that was used the most, dirty. That piece was the swinging chair. I rang the doorbell and while I waited I looked around the yard and the day again. Come in," A female voice said. I entered the dark household. Hello?" I asked in a clear voice. Heyyyy, Allison Came a girly voice from the kitchen.Jamesela. She skipped into view and I didn't even recognize her. She used to have blonde hair and heart shaped face with blue eyes and a round body. However, now she had dirty blonde hair a heart shaped face and hazel eyes with the curviest body I'd ever seen. Hello, jamesela" I said to her in a annoyed tone. How ya been doing?" She asked in her clear monotone voice as she hugged me. Good, hey do you think I could have my body back?" I asked as she was still hugging me. She let go. Hey, theres my little girl" Gregory said as he came in from the back door. He wore horse riding stuff and behind him I saw a pasture with black horse and a white mare. Jok came in behind him a couple seconds after my dad came in. See, you decided to come over" He looked around. And, that you met Jamesela". Un-huh" I said annoyed by his ignorance. I got a better look around, the place had papers piled high on the couch and tables and floor. There was a TV in the corner and a tapestry hanging above the mantle. There was a corner kitchen with a small gas stove and a small double fridge. If you remember," Started Gregory. Youd know Jok is a 12th grade teacher at the high school. Which reminds me, how was you're day?" He looked at me sternly but gentile. Good, you never told me the people at the school where filthy rich." I sneered at him. Huh, Oh! No they aren't rich. In fact they are one of the poorest student bodies. It's the county that is supplying the students with $8,000 for school. However many people spend it Not on school." He looked at me sternly again. I want you to spend it on school supplies, you hear?" It was an interrogation I thought up almost immediately. Yes, well I gotta go to the store and get home, Dad I directed it to my dad who was now looking out the window. I may not be home for dinner" I figured this was subtle. Why? How long can it possibly take to go to the store?" He asked, seemingly distressed. Well, I'm not going to the store, Dad. I'm also going to a friends house down the street. His name is Drevin." I added helpfully and he stared at me. The air grew colder." Drevin... Mackovich?" He seemed tense now, twitching under his jacket. Yeah," I said and trailed off." Is something wrong?" I asked. No, I just don't see many people hanging out with-" He gulped loudly. Drevin" He finished in a choked whisper. Well, if he's ok then I'd like to hang out with him for at least one day" I said defensively to him. Ok, well have fun" He said as if nothing had happened. The air was back to normal and I was getting ready to leave. Love you, see you later tonight" I called over my shoulder. Love you too" He Replied as I closed the door. It was pitch black and I surmised it was around 6:30 at night, usually it would be light now but It was November so it wasn't due to daylight savings time. The wind had picked up and was creating a hair tornado. I moved towards my car and got my keys out. I had just set my keys on the seat when I felt a hand grab my shoulder. I slugged my backpack at the perpetrator and discovered it was Drevin. It hit him in the eye and he staggered backwards. Sorry," I yelled at the top of my lungs before I could catch a mouthful of hair. "S'ok" He said coming back towards me. So, why are you here, and where did you come from?" I asked incredulously. Well..... I was here for to let you know where I want to meet you." He managed to get out while looking around. But you still haven't answered my other question" I said whipping my head back to the car to put my weapon back. Well," He said glancing around again. The wind picked up and there were more storm clouds now from what I could see. Light rain startled me and I jumped into the car; he was still debating over something. Finally he said I came in my car" And suddenly there was his car, all gleaming with light. But, you're car wasn't there a second ago!" I exclaimed as I watched out of the windshield. Yes it was. The headlights where just turned off." He reasoned quietly. The rain was now in sheets and I closed my door. He stood there as if it was a perfectly clear day. Well," I told him." Where do I go?" He smiled and walked from his perch on the tree. To the grocery store". Was already headin' there" I smiled cheerfully, holding up the list. See you later" He said as my dad came out of the house. I looked at the clock: 7:02 so I had been talking with him for 30 minutes but it felt like 5 minutes. I was soHow do you say it, Winded by the encounter that I almost skipped the store. I pulled into the ugly grey parking lot and waited, quietly, for Drevin. While I waited, I considered going into the actual store as it was still poring and I had my memorandum but I decided against it, seeing as I could miss him. I reminisced about all the things that happened during the time I had been in Waiteville. What, with the warning that is still stupid and the mysterious guy, I have no idea where to start thinking. I was soon interrupted in my thoughts as a dark figure was watching me, it seemed. I sensed the figure with my hair standing up on the back of my neck. I sat up, looked through the poring rain, and spotted a black figurine about 2 yards away, walking towards me. I watched in bemusement as it quickly but stealthily walked. I turned on my headlights but it barely helped with all of the rain. He my I was going to have a fun Year or years reallyWest Virginia wasNovemberveryYou tryFree going airlines offers you the complete comfort of a journey abroad. Hear you may have free SAMPLES of snacks'.firstyouyou ever insidebutwasI'll do it in the morningAw come on! Dearest ally, we sent you this jacket because we thought you might get cold down there. The weather reports say it is rainy and muggy down there and so it is also a rain jacket. We are sorry for the fights and stuff we did yesterday. Oh! The mailmans here I love you bye! Signed Oh well Where do you work, McDonalds?Works of ShakespeareclearlyAnything.obviously people have not finished there lunch yetinto was me it would be one of the last ones was but and windyjust Free take all!'Gabriel Ramirez.ndststrd

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Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes and finds this girl who has powers that she doen't know about (not finished)


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