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AMPHISBAENA TWO-HEADED HUNTER When desert sands of Libya mated with drops of blood leaked, From head of conquered Gorgon slain by Perseus as he soared, It came, and still remains, preying upon ants that are civilization. This great serpent abides, striking without remorse and with haste, Both front and rear not without mind, conceived and living as one, For where tail ends, another dragon's head can be found hissing, Dissolving its prey in saliva while front exhales unparalleled flame, Both heads sharing enough venom to end other dragons' lives. Like scorpion it poses, tail head rears up upon moment of attack, Yet keeps equal attention to the rear while the front is engaged, And how it rolls for miles, rear head's jaws lock-kissing front, Only to release from embrace, soar onto food fit for its stomach. Full moon anoints its eyes with such power to petrify all those, Who dare stare directly at great reptile and fall, never rise again. It never stops hoarding treasures, conqueror of singed kingdoms, Sleeping within caves beneath rolling seas, under new victims, Some it makes with its own claws, an architect of unusual sort. Only its scaly hide, when fully devoid of moisture, can cure those, Bound to beds and chairs by afflicted curses released by Pandora, That stain joints and render all limbs obsolete appendages in youth. Only few can find and sneak into behemoth's lair while it slumbers. Not one pure human soul but many, handful of sacrifices for one kill. Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro ¬ 2009

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A free verse poem explaining the background existence and characteristics of the two-headed dragon, the Amphisbaena. (Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009)


6/3/2009 4:36 PM
Amazing and inspiring work!



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Date: 5/14/09
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