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RETURN OF THE CALIFORNIAN CONDOR This tale has been passed from father to son, The tale of my race that was almost undone. Years ago, before two-legged giants arrived, Beasts of fur, scale and feather who strived To live; from time of great ice we emerged, Flying down to canyons where water submerged. All of us were janitors, inspectors and kings. Land smelled pure upon flaps of our wings. From skies above we searched and dove, For prey once living, now dead; we strove, To find, perch on, pick at and swallow, What lay dead in mud, where pigs wallow, Or lying on rocks and ponds in the sun; What happens to them afterward is no fun. We peck at flesh of what roamed the land, The rest we swallow or clutch in each hand; Fly back to our nests, blood staining our cheeks, Which push eaten flesh into young ones beaks. To wingless copper-skinned giants we were gods, But we would soon fall to other giants rods. White, wingless giants invaded our home, Hunting for sport, our prey that did roam, On virgin deserts and rusty canyons wide; Giants shots and slashes cut across gods hide. Many of us they claimed for fine decoration, Others destroyed with tools of abomination. At the present moment we are but few, It looked like the end, when we vanish like dew. Time was kind and generous to us, though, As the giants passed laws not to mow Our numbers, which were already in decline; Not one giant can kill us without a fine. We obtain more food than when we were free, In caves and forests made for captivity. I was born in one, lived there for two years, Fed readily and kept safe from any fears, The third year has come; I will be released, To search for what lived, now deceased, To mate and spawn, free to rule the sky, Pass this tale to my children before I die. Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro ¬ 2009

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The account of the endangered Californian Condor's history and survival, passed down generation through generation by the poem's narrator. (Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009)


6/3/2009 4:40 PM
This is truely awesome! I love the way you've come full circle!



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Date: 5/14/09
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