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BATTLE OF RABBIT AND SQUIRREL The grass, how it rose during that day, When birds and beasts stood in sway, Frozen in their gaze, a particular sight, Held their attention, reduced their might. Fall was descending slower than leaves; Those gathering not to be called thieves. A Rabbit stumbled across a giant nut, That fell from above the top of a rut, Constructed by Squirrel who was away Searching for acorns to store today, Just as it returned home, it then froze, Dropping its catch all over its toes, Marveling at behemoth nut that fell, To the ground, quite a sight to tell. But Rabbit was hauling it about, Giving reason for Squirrel to shout, "Stop! Freeze! Surrender the nut!" And whose voice was immediately cut, By its pounce on the nut's captor, Kicking back like feathered raptor. Over ground they rolled and punched, Sometimes stopping, they hunched Only to resume their hairy ordeal, Over food within their strong feel. Snakes and lizards tongues fell out, As they gawked at the great row about, While birds and bees forgot how to fly, Falling with fixed gaze out of the sky, Towards the battle of the mammal, And their conflict over the enamel Object of their insatiable appetite, They not wanted to share a bite. When they rolled against a boulder, Squirrel was kicked in the shoulder, Tail knocking the nut from the grasp Of Rabbit, more tense then an asp. From behind rock emerged Groundhog, Sleeping longer, deeper than any dog, Who said thank you, grabbed nut whole, And fell back into home fit for a mole. Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro ¬ 2009

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A rhyming poem about a battle fought by a Rabbit and Squirrel over a nut... guess who wins? (Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009)


6/3/2009 4:43 PM
This was a fun read! I bet it was inspired by your pics of the squirrel!



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Date: 5/14/09
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