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CHINESE DRAGON SUN CHASER Clouds pour slowly Through blue sky, Rolling for horizon Where glowing globe Is about to make dip. I swim through thin waters, Thousand fathoms above crust And stay suspended, pilot Without cockpit or helmet, Only scales, wings and claws, Gliding without second To pause and look about Eyes locked onto that draws And blinds all smitten by Foreign fire to surpass mine. How it sinks; I try to match It in speed and reach out, My scales molting slowly as I Sail towards my objective. Through the air I hurtle, My sharpened finger daggers Outstretched and shining, And just as I'm about to grab That glowing star's surface, My scales start to burn And itch and boil and pop, And I hurtle downwards, Striking water in pain And sending soft liquid Hurling into atmosphere Where I am still king. After my wounds heal, I shall again rule the sky Never stopping in attempts To strike sun out of sky. Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro ¬ 2009

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A poem about the mythic Chinese Dragon's vain quest to capture the sun. (Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009)


6/4/2009 11:48 PM

6/3/2009 4:45 PM
Awesome imagery! This would be a great inspiration for a chinese silk painting!



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Date: 5/14/09
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