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PHOENIX FIERY PHILOSOPHER Fire, fury, foresight and flight are its words as it coasts Through currents formidable enough to forge tempests Keeping clear & cloudy skies lit long after sun has set, Writing histories that have yet to or may not be written, Striking the clouds with its outstretched tail of flame Expiring faster than every second of its countless lives. It hurtles through space, spreading words of solution To dilemmas not so quickly resolved after they emerge, To arguments both trivial and severe, some sparking wars, And mere questions of life, fulfilling certain conclusions. When it falls and mates with the ground, sun rises twice, The land and air flaring into sudden apocalypse of anger, Plenty of flame and glimmer to consume armies whole. Within the crater's epicenter lies nest of feathered god, Within ashes lies the seed that will sprout into another age, Building, rising until newly-born heir breaks free and caws, A successor to its father, which it will remain to bear the next, And continue to rule with divine couple of fire and wisdom, Spreading faster than floods and horses upon the open plains, Forever grasping heavens with its claws, minds with its wings. Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro ¬ 2009

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A free-verse poem concerning the wise, fiery and constantly-resurrected Phoenix. (Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009)


6/3/2009 4:47 PM
You have a flair for fire! Well done!



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Date: 5/14/09
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