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The people of various stages of life file into the small

The people of various stages of life file into the small, cramped, room until they can no longer be held in. Above them is a large stone stage on which a podium made of skulls, human but with mouths formed in the shapes of screams, stands roughly eight feet high attached to a standard issue microphone. Behind the microphone is a large draped velvet curtain, the colors of the deepest reds and black shine off the dim bulbs from the ceiling above them. One man, a young Irish fellow once named Seamus Doherty, stares into the lights and thinks, just for a moment, that he sees the face of a screaming woman inside the white glass. In the moment he blinks the buld returns tot he same kind of halogen he has seen his whole life, but the face lingers for a moment as it reminds him of the woman he met in Philly that night- the expression the same as when he smashed her face with the shock of broken trust. He raises his hands and rubs his eyes for a moment as he begins to tear up from the feeling of intense heat. For the first time since coming to at the Spring Garden substation. He remembers the chipped and broken tiles, once white but brown from years of grime and fading graffiti. The whole platform was lit by four tiny ceiling lights which didn't light very much at all, just about enough for him to see but not enough to do anything. Finding the black Iron gate actually a row of solid bars, no door or lock, the steps and lights above him taunting him like his older sister did when she'd hold his Han Solo figure just from his reach. Her laughter echoed in his mind as he grabbed the bars and began screaming loud and banged his head till blood oozed from his forehead. He staggered back a moment and gripped the wall and fell on the rotted wooden bench, which breaks from the sudden weight and years of non-use. The rest is jsut a blur to him. He remembers a bright light and what he imagined for a moment was a large snake stopping on the tracks which then blends into him sitting on the hard red seats of the train with other men and women looking depressed and lost into their own thoughts. One man sits in the back and stares out the window into the infinite blackness of the tunnels under Philadelphia. He remembers once the train stopping and a 12 year old irl with long red hair, a pink Hannah Montana T-shirt and a blue jean skirt getting on. Out the window he sees a man hugging a red haired girl in a pink t-shirt as red comes from the back of the bodies shirt. The girl sits opposite him and notices from under the hair a trail of blood running down her neck from her head. This is the final memory before the room. The sound of thunder echoes through the room and all eyes turn foreword toward the stage as the large curtain rolls up and billows of smoke escape into the crowd making Seamus choke. Out from the smoke a large man with bright red skin and horns emerges. The man, surprisingly, stands as tall as the podium and wears a nicely cut italian suit, dark blue with a white dress shirt that reminds shamus as something Frank Sinatra wore on the cover of an old record his grandfather listened to. He half heartidly expected the man to take off the jacket, sling it over his shoulder and start bellowing out 'Strangers In The Night'. Smiling, the man looks out on the crowd of unfortunate people and clears his throat. "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Mel and welcome to Hell." the Mans voice is not at all like Seamus thought, it is young and pleasant, like a young singer before he finds the thrill of drugs that rack his voice. For the next few minutes Seamus listens intently, hanging on every word the man above him has to say. As the man speaks he realizes where he is- that his term was based on the destroyed woman in Philadelphia. But he is not frightened, as he listens to Mel discuss the signifigance of the 9 districts and what each one means, he feels like Mel is someone he could pull up a chair enjoy a smoke with. This is Seamus' last thought.

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the begining of a novel that's currently on haitus.




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Date: 5/15/09
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