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provoking the situation (cowritten with kyle dalton) fractured stairwell 2009

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this song is about people who talk bad behind other peoples backs my brother once made a good point if this type of person will say that bad stuff about other people what will they be willing to you but the song shows how that person is not always like that and you wish they could just hear how it sounds when they rip into people on variety of small subjects my friend kyle d has joined aftermath to help write songs were still working on his first song but he came up with the idea for this song i wont be a hypocrit ive said nasty things about people when they arent there but writing a song like this makes me realize how what you are ragging on can blow up in your face and alot of the time wasnt an issue you even cared about its easy to get sucked into it best thing to do is change the subject oh well enough of my rant.


3/17/2010 9:58 AM Premium
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Date: 5/23/09
Music: Alternative