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Planet Rune (lead characters video)

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Alright, I didn't know what talent to put on this media, so I just chose art and drawing. You see, I wrote the song behind the video, I drew all the pictures, I wrote the story of the comic (with help from my friend), and I made the video... so yea...

Note before you watch: I spelled Infantries right in America's best units, but all the others, I miss spelled it! It's "ELITE INFANTRY," not "ELITE INFANRY." I have no clue how I did that! I realized that after I started uploading it! I really don't want to re-upload this video just for that, so yea. I'll change it when I decide to export the video as a bigger file. :)

This is a video I made of a comic I started in 7th grade back in 2002. The pictures in this video were recently drawn though, but the comics I made in 7th grade are golden to me. They bring back so many memories! I started it with my ol' buddy, whom I would probably consider my best friend yet, named Nathaniel Smith. I have not seen him in forever! I really wish I could talk to him again. :(

Anyway, the comic is inspired by a computer game (or 2) that I became inerested in and addicted to for a while. The main game was Dune 2000, but Red Alert and Red Alert 2 also had some to do with it as well. The comic of Rune is about one nation from 4 different planets fighting on planet Rune for the planet's valuables. Me and Nathaniel loved to draw these comics because we're in them. :P We're the best units of America... not in real life though. And if you're in the army or any military branch, I hope you don't get offended by this or anything, but I'm sure some of the things I have about the army on this comic aren't correct. I don't know all the positions of the army or what they do or anything, but me and Nathaniel just thought it would be cool. :)

Now about the music. This is one of the first melodies I wrote on my keyboard in 7th grade (VERY simple melody). I made the recording of this song a few days ago. This is the theme song for the comic Rune. I wanted something real brassy and military like, but I also thought it would be neat to have some other electric sounds to it as well. So basically, this song is like a "Movie Soundtrack - Rock - Electronic/Techno/Dance genre" song. Unique I guess. :)




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Date: 5/26/09
Art: Drawing