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Entering Han-Burgian Territory

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This song is written for a comic me and my friend created Called Rune. Check out my video on this site called "Planet Rune (video)" ...I think. Something like that. This song is written for a nation from Han-Burgias (made up nation by me). You can see their picture on this video... and what this song is written for as well. Very mysterious like. These Han-Burgian guys are big and muscular (soldiers at least). They have strong legs and can therefore run the fastest out of the other armies. With that good quality, they are NOT the brightest of the 4 nations! They don't have much of a good characteristic of stradegy, but when they attack, they attack hard!

And NO, none of these instruments on this recording are actually played. They're MIDI. They sound so real, don't they... kinda? That's what I like about Majix Music Maker 14! I did write this song though! Every stupid thing you hear!




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Date: 5/31/09
Music: Rock