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The Archetypes

The Archetypes Hugo Pegley 9/24/08 The Powerful, The Warrior, The Brute orbid surveyed the battlefield as his army battled with the invaders. His muscles pumped as he held his sword in hand, a mighty blade of Obsidian and stone. He felt the adrenaline pumping through his body. The sweat on his chest, the hairs slumping down as it pushed down on him. The armor he wore was gold, made personally by the best craftsmen in the land. It repelled almost all arrows and daggers. Only one soldier in the world cold even give him a challenge. His name was Baron. Baron Hu. While he was thinking, one of his commanders came up to him and gave him the most recent update on the battle. The enemies were swarming the main part of the army and there was much bloodshed there. 15 infantry squads had been lost, and 5 squads of archers. But the real fighting was happening in small groups of the best warriors of both forces, where only the best could survive for longer than a minute. Morbid decided he would join the battle there. He got on his horse and rode over into the battle dodging arrows shot by archers from the opposition, all trying to take down the king. His horse galloped, and he separated himself from the normal warriors, and charged into the battle where he might actually have to show some effort. He leaped off his horse and immediately slashed the nearest soldier. His warriors yelled as he joined them, there morale boosted. As they battle dreaded on, morbid felt it taking it toll on him. I havent done this in an long time thought Morbid as he slashed yet another enemy. Then he looked up, and saw Baron, bloodied and panting, jogging towards him. He swung his sword at Morbid, and the battle began. Both were tired, and were aching. The battle dredged on, and then Morbid finally made his move. Morbid faked slashed to the high left, then brought his sword down, and then brought it up with as much force as he could. Barons armor broke, he was fine but he no protection now. Immediately, Morbid stabbed him in the chest, penetrating through everything there. Every soldier around them stopped fighting 9/24/08 and watched as Baron was killed. The battle has finished soon after, most of the soldiers on Barons side running as fast as they could as Morbids soldiers chased them. Morbid returned to the main camp as he struggled to keep walking. I really am getting to old for this. Morbid thought as he lay down in his tent. One of his servants brought him a plate of food and a pitcher of ale. He relaxed as he ate, thinking about the battle, and also what would happen because The Baron was dead. Morbid awoke to the sound moving footsteps. It was still dark, but the sun was coming up. He slowly got out of bed, and then he felt the pain in his back. Damn, my back hurts worse than it ever has. Turning fifty isnt only a symbolic thing. I really need to pass the kingdom onto Neil soon. Neil had been an exciting son, if you could put it that way. He also had just turned 25, and was eager to become king. The only reason Morbid had waited is because he thought Neil needed a little more training in the art of politics. He was an excellent fighter, but would rather wage war than talk about a problem. When he returned to kingdom he was going to announce that the crown go to Neil. He was ready to go live in countryside, and have a farm and a wife and never have to fight again. Neil walked down the corridors, wondering when Morbid was going to get back. The news had arrived that he had slain Baron, and Neil wanted to ask him about the battle. Baron was the only one who could give him a challenge, know he has no challengers. I hope he will make me king. I am ready! As he turned around the corner he bumped into Mariel, one of the court jesters daughters. Hello Mariel, ho ware you doing on this fine day? Neil asked. Quite all right, I have just heard the news. I was about to go and congratulate your father. Hes back! Neil exclaimed. He just arrived, he was all bloody, so the servants are bathing him, but he will be in his room soon. Mariel explained. They walked down the corridor, holding each others hands and humming. Morbid watched from his castle window as Mariel and Neil walking and talking as they came towards his room. They look so happy together, but they cant marry. He needs to marry Penelope, she is the princess, and he is the prince. What can I do? He looked up at his sword Bloodforce. Bloodforce had helped him win many battles, and saved his life many times. It was rumored that the person who battled with it would discover a secret power inside the sword, that if discovered would give them an immense knowledge of everything they needed to know about, ranging from spells to the ancient form of battle meditation. And yet, Morbid hadnt discovered anything. The sword called for the perfect warrior, and he, or she, had not wielded the blade yet. Could Neil be the perfect warrior the blade was seeking. Only one way to find out. M

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