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Hugo 1/27/09 Serendipitously Riotous Writing Prompt Jared walked down the stairs of his apartment, cell phone in hand to his bike at 7.55. He got on to it, strapped his helmet in, and pedaled out at 7.56. He stopped and texted for a few minute at 8.14-7. He arrived at Parker High at 8.23. He got to writing at 8.29. Class started at 8.35. He sat at a table with his friend, Jacob. They dialogue is as follows: Jared: Whats up? 8.35 Jacob: Nothing much, you? 8.35 Jared: Im basically asleep! I was up soooo late last night. 8.35 Jacob: Ha, me too. 8.36 (Teacher turns around and addresses the class.) 8.36 Teacher: Class, please open your laptops and begin writing. Music is allowed, with headphones. 8.36 (Back to Jared and Jacob.) 8.37 Jared: Hey, can I borrow your headphones? 8.38 Jacob: Um, sure, just give them back to me at the end of class. 8.38 Jared: Sure, thanks! 8.39 (Jared writes from 8.40-9.25. Teacher speaks.) Teacher: Class, please save your work and print it out. I will read them and hand them back evaluated tomorrow. (The following information is very important. Please read carefully.) Jared got up and LEFT his headphones and laptop on his desk to retrieve his paper. Jacob was by the printer, and got his printout and handed to the teacher and then ensued to start talking with her. Jared looked at the clock, saw he was late and threw everything, including the headphones into his bag. He hurried out, and left without saying anything else. Jacob stopped talking with the teacher and returned to his desk. He shoved in his bag and left class.

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Date: 6/6/09
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