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Windy and breezy


Windy and breezy, beautiful and light, its beauty was overwhelming. The light glittered in through tiny cracks in the walls of our small hut. While our hut was a mess, the forest and nature around us was amazing. My inspiration for somethings come from imagination, my surroundings, and my peers. I also read the newspaper and spend a lot of time on CNN.com, so a lot of my ideas come from the news. For example, this piece above was about an African family who are extremely poor, but the nature around them is beautiful. I read about related things in the news. Writing the novel was much more structured in many ways because we had a plot and we knew what was going to happen next. It was very different from anything we did in 6 grade so far, and in other grades too. Number one was definitely not the place where my writing comes from. Some of it does though, including the pieces from my imagination. thall

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3/23/2010 8:07 AM Premium
Great Stuff! I look forward to seeing some more of your work.



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Date: 6/6/09
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