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Why is the War

Why is there War? Different theories One reason I think there is war is because if a government, sect, or group feel threatened by another group, they may go to war to erase the threat. But thats not always what happens. Sometimes countries fight with on another for land, power, resources, etc. But that isnt always why. Sometimes, countries/government fight for conquest. The fight so that they can control things. But thats not always why. Sometimes, there is war because there is a problem that cannot/and hasnt been solved by politics and or other means. This may come from anything from a trade dispute with a rival country, to a satellite being launched. But thats not always why. Sometimes, there is war because it is meant to be. Sometimes, there is war because war is a conflict, and most countries feel war is the only way to solve a conflict. Sometimes, war is fought because a certain religious group wants to destroy another religious group, and the allies of that group. Example: Jihad against Israel, therefore against U.S. since the U.S. is an ally of Israel. But there is no one definition for war. War is perpetrated under many different situations, and so there cannot be one definition for why there was every war.

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