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fantasy art, velocipede, dodo, fyshwerks

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Original mixed media on hardwood box with found objects and narrative, which reads as follows: "I can still hear them laughing, sniggering, and in their conceit not just a few had chided me, insisting it could not be done -- the naysayer has such a thankless job. No matter that I rode Uncle Walghvogel's velocipede downhill at a fence of impracticable proportion, expecting no less than a cropper for my pains should I fail. This was my magnum opus, quite beyond their small minds, and by simply daring to show them that it could be done, I had forever parted with their company. For I am more than just an ordinary dodo; I'm the ever-expectant Dreamsmyth."

Image: 35" by 24" copyright 2008 Patrick Pierson




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Date: 6/7/09
Art: Other