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The Extraordinary League of Christianity picture

The, Extraordinary, League, of, Christianity

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Here is a picture of my created comic, The Extraordinary League of Christianity. It's a league of super heroes that not only save the world by fighting crime, but by witnessing to the world about the good news of Jesus Christ! In the center is Super-Christian, on the left is Gastro-Man, and on the right is Nature Lady. Each hero has a specific power that makes them different from one another, but one thing unites them as a group! They all believe in Jesus Christ. That makes them strong!

As of now, this idea may be an actual comic in the future... who knows? I met a guy (not on here, on facebook actually) who is a comic artist and owns a marketing website. He wants to use my ideas of this comic, using my writing, stories, and characters and all, but with his art! So far, it looks good! He sent me his drawing of Super-Christian in email and I have to say, he's pretty professional at drawing comics! Keep this project in prayers! I hope to use these comics in the future to witness to the lost and dying world! I'd like it to attract the youth mainly, but anyone can read it! The comic artist I met wants to use the money we make to help support a cause, or split it for 2 causes. I know there's a long road ahead of us with this comic, but I will remember that God is in full control and He will be with us throughout this journey! :)

I sound intelligent, don't I? Maybe not? I'm not really that smart, honestly. :P I just have a creative mind.


6/18/2009 8:18 AM
Wonderful workmanship: Famed!



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Date: 6/8/09
Art: Drawing