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end of life

A tear drops to the ground creating a huge lake filling the world around it with life Then again a tear falls this time creating a small wave the wave crashes into the shore crushing the rock before it a third tear fell creating a bigger wave animals began to crawl out of the water climbing the land free of the lake A fourth tear fell creating a third wave this time much bigger. it threw on the land more bigger vicious animals that hunted the old animals killing and ravaging the old. A fifth tear fell this time causing a much bigger wave. This wave barreled into the surrounding earth. Flinging fire into the green life burning everything in the path. The world around the lake soon filled with death. As the vicious animals and fire trudged through the land destroying everything in it's path. A sixth tear fell creating a giant wave it covered the earth in it's height as the wave started to fall everything stopped and stared everything stood still feeling the shadow heal them cure them of their evils. then a small scream filled the air as the wave fell. it filled the world with a sudden fear. soon the whole world was screaming. Then the screams were silenced The world filled with water. leaving nothing but small bubbles of the last screams were given out to the ever waiting death.

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Date: 6/8/09
Other: Writing