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collection of lives

The story of the lives of each student in one class room of about 20, and the one teacher that deals with the craziness of the events and emotions that spill from the teenagers in the class. They all oddly get along with each other even though they are all opposites. They have their fights like families that have been with each other for to a long of a time. In the end, they come back together as friends and let out there stories in a flood. Kevin Harrison By: Justin Batalden My wish to change the past Greatly envelops myself Can't focus in class All I can see is the fear Friends showing the fear The fear that I never want to be true The things I said Never going to be changed People don't take much notice They think she is sick So all they see is the empty chair Not the fact of what I did The ice was never there before The tree was a spawn of death Life of my friend is gone forever Looking at the careless faces All laughing and enjoying themselves None taking notice to the emptiness The less laughter that could be there Why am I so lucky? I would trade places To rid this classroom of this emptiness Hillary Tweed By: Justin Batalden I can't believe what happened last night It was so much fun So many lights So many people I couldn't keep my eyes off of him He was all by himself No date just another stag I needed to meet him I have seen him before I danced with him Most wonderful time in my life I hope I will meet him again I need to meet him again If I don't the rest of school is pointless I hope he isn't a jerk He was really sweet when we danced But I know I didn't look that good I think he is just nice He isn't interested in me He could be though I really hope he is I want to meet him one more time Before that night ends forever Christopher Jones By: Justin Batalden So much noise Ears ringing still I still can't believe How good we played How insane the crowd was People were flying Jumping and bumping Dancing and prancing But of course one person To make our night worse One girl that no one can stand She came and stopped all the fun All the jumping and prancing All the dancing and bumping When she came to the stage A slap echoes in the room She falls to the ground Holding back the tears She stands up and slaps me It turns from slaps to punches Both of us bloody Soon she left We kept playing The crowd more enthusiastic Michael Wilson By: Justin Batalden The crowd still is loud and clear The last game of the season With the best team in our district Undefeated And still are My team all pumped The energy still leaves its aura Leaving a dread of the end A dread for how well we did How hard we fought How well we preformed Why couldn't we have been like that at the beginning? I will miss this forever Feeling great success And then losing with great pride Celebrating with song Having our last speech The speech that will inspire us all Fighting for that last and final pride Kelle Martin By: Justin Batalden I love teaching Only when I can teach Looking at my students They seem pointless All staring and chatting into space Those that do pay attention Learn little For distractions are great Teenagers have too many emotions Too many thoughts For them to find peace Teenagers are pyros of drama Love to burn it But they need more and more to burn If they can't find flammable drama They make some Doing it themselves isn't an issue It would even be with a superior They need wood to burn To quell their craving Also to increase it No one can stop it The government gives them their drama The country will be drama And the United States will be burning Amy Prince By: Justin Batalden After all I have done They still don't trust me After all I said They don't listen They still call me a mistake A screw up My younger siblings Taught better and controlled better I'm just a mistake Why do they want me alive? I thought I had gained their trust They never gave it back to me I fought so hard For so long And all of it was in vain They expect me to be a good model But all I am is some child Eyes of the old never look through the window They accuse me for being ignorant I try to reason with them They never listen They never accept me I will always be a child Jason Allen By: Justin Batalden Life is great I can't believe how lucky I am I'm going to be a senior I'm going to have freedom Have the time of my life Leave my home in one more year Go to college Live my life by my rules Don't have eyes drilled into my back Have my trust back Get the respect I want Have the money I need Do what I want when I want to Make newer and better friends Make a career Find a wonderful girl And don't have any worries in life But of what to do in life And my grades And my money And my job I guess I won't be that care free I'm still excited James Manson By: Justin Batalden I'm so confused How am I supposed to do this? She is asking too much from me How am I supposed to know what a noun is? Or even where a verb should be located She is asking for a D.O. What the heck is that? English is too hard Why am I in AP ENGLISH? I hate English English is pointless I will never use English I'm not going to become a writer I want to be a plumber Or a construction worker I will never want to do anything with English I want to be successful with easy stuff Not stuff that is pointless Like English I would never use it in life Same goes for Math some stuff we learn we will never use Also for Science what is the point of that class School itself is pointless Daron Olson By: Justin Batalden So many choices So little time I can't decide on whom to pick On whether I like her or not Sucks to make such a decision To see if I could go places or not To see if I would not be disappointed in my decision To give my all To have it all gave back to me To not lose my faith To not have my heart broken I'm afraid of the end result But if I don't do anything I can't give my life for her But I need to try I don't want to lose my ability to love again If I don't try I can never know that she is the one for me So I must settle my fear Be ready for disappointment And if it doesn't workout Be ready for the end Kelle Martin By: Justin Batalden I will be done with them for three months That is all that matters Get through the last day Don't let them get to me Just ignore John and Justin They are crazy little teenagers They will be gone I may never see them again Hopefully They better not have me next year Oh man that would be brutal And everyone of these students have so many issues It is sad It is also nerve racking It pulsates through the room But it is almost over Just 5 more periods and I'm done for three months

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