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maddie's mystery

She walked out of the door of lakeview middle for the last time! She had made it! It was 10 days past her 14 birthday. It was her graduation day. Every one was excited. Everyone that is except for Lizzy. She didnt think of this day as an amazing beginning like Cassie the valedictorian said it was, she thought of it as the worst day of her life. Why? Because 1 year ago today her older sister Maddie was kidnapped after going throw the same thing lizzy just did. The worst part is lizzy is convinced the whole thing is her fault. If only she hadnt been at Libbys house! Maddie wanted lizzy to go home with her but she refused, sure lizzy wouldnt see Libby for awhile , she was moving to California but she would never see her sister again. She loved her sister! Maddie was her best friend. All of a sudden the ground was where air was suppose to be and her mom was at her side screaming her name. she jumped up immediately. I am ok, I am ok! she yelled. They walked to there car. Out of the corner of her eye, lizzy saw something small buried in the dirt she bent over and picked up a ball of dirt attached to a silver cord. She hit the dirt off. It couldnt be! Theres no way! It was a small hart locket but it couldnt be her locket. Could it ? The locket Lizzy gave Maddie minutes before she disappeared? They never found Maddie and it was Lizzys promise to her sister that she would find her. The locket popped open with no problem, there inside the locket was a picture of the sisters goofing off at Maddies 13 birthday party. She wordlessly handed the locket to her mom and ran into the forest. The forest had been swiped over and over by professionals but never by Lizzy. She had something they didnt motivation. She saw a little sparkle. She turned She saw the light blue dress Maddie was wearing for graduation hidden well under leafs. Next to it was a wallet. By this time lizzy was way farther into the woods then any policeman ever went. She picked up the wallet and a piece of white paper fell out. She bent over to pick it up. Flipping it over, Lizzy found herself locking at a picture of her, Maddie and Libby. Great! This creep was a stalker to! Then she saw a picture of libbys old room right after it was redone. Another one of libbys mom when she was pregnant with Ryan 2 years ago. She felt like she had seen all of these pictures before. Then another piece of white paper fell out of the wallet it said: Jefferys bait shop, the freshest bait in town! Libby dropped the wallet, her fingers trembling. Jeffery? Libbys dad? It couldnt be, but it had to be. Jefferys bait shop is the ONLY bait shop in town. Lizzy fell to her knees. Sops started ripping from her shoulders. Questions started popping in her head like bubbles from a little kid. What motive did Jeffery have to kill maddie? Was he really locking for Lizzy. And why did her second father want to kill his other daughters? Thats what they were! His second daughters. The only answer she could think of is that he found out that peter his 15 year old son had ran away after having a fight with lizzy, that the whole reason he got hit by a train was a broken hart. Then the whole thing would be her fault and she would be responsible for 2 murders not one. She heard a rustling in the leafs and turned her head slowly. thth

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a continuation to my other one in titled contest


2/26/2010 9:03 AM Premium
Awesome work! Remember to use the "Promote This Media" section to post this on other networks.

7/18/2009 1:10 PM
this is excellent!!!!!
is this a book or a short story??
i'm love writing too!
i love writing,acting,and singing.
and i'm actually writing a book right now but i'm not done with it yet...i write songs too :) i'm Alicia :)



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