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Puppy Love


Puppy Love You know how it is when you see the one you want they stay in your thoughts And your dreams, they do haunt OMG, there he is Coming down the street So sure of himself His eyes so sweet The way his tail curls up Just makes me want to swoon His ears pointed so God what am I to do The sound of his bark His fur so soft and bright Should I give him my bone Would that be right What should I do OMG, here he comes What should I say That darn cat has my tongue I watch him look my way I almost pass out He wags his tail I just want to shout But then he trots by And sniffs some poodles butt See I'm not in his league I'm only a mutt I guess I am stuck Eating Alpo at home While he's with a pedigree I'll be chasing rabbits alone.

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Some of my humorous writing. Or atleast the attempt at it.




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Date: 6/11/09
Other: Writing