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Winter Harbor

Winter Harbor My lonely place, the only place to go Winter Harbor, the only place I know Where I can go to be myself To think my thoughts and find some help In making decisions and working things out Problems to much, hurt, not in doubt Blindness to bad and goodness I see Away from the hell, that's where I flee Safe at Winter Harbor just my thoughts and me. It's my place to go when I'm real depressed, Or when with fear I'm totally obsessed When I can't look at anything clear I drive to Winter Harbor away from things I fear And when I'm feeling real confused Or I feel like I've been abused And my heart no longer beats real strong While minutes pass by and seem hours long Safe at Winter Harbor, I feel that I belong.

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Some of my serious writing. Written a long time ago.


2/26/2010 1:43 PM Premium
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Date: 6/11/09
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