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My mother

My mother, my best friend This is to my mother, to my best friend You were there for me until the very end I know I let you down, yes that's for sure Yet, no matter what I did, yes there you were You held me up and taught me to walk While being patient, you taught me to talk When my heart first broke, you held me tight Held my hand, saying I'd be alright When I got married you cried happy tears And the day that it ended you were right here You were there for me the days my babies were born You made me feel love, though my heart felt so worn All I did was disappoint again and again Yet still, there you were, my mother and my friend But when it was my turn, yes when it was time I failed again, news of your death I did learn Now it's been years, to this day I still cry For missing my chance to tell you goodbye But for all that you did, and all that you were Dear mother, you changed me, Of this I am sure.

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Some of my serious writing.


6/18/2009 10:55 AM
Great writing - Famed!



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Date: 6/11/09
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