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My Punishment


My Punishment I can feel you in my dreams, They're so lifelike, so real I know if I try to reach you, To touch you, you'd simply fade away. But still I try, I follow you, And when I try to reach out, Yes, you start to fade, So I stop, all I can do is look. Somewhere in my mind I know it's not real. But I feel the loss so strong, I cry out. My heart screams, do you hear me in your dreams? I just want to touch you, to hold you again To feel your heart beating against mine. Feeling your breath against my cheek My hand in yours, is this so wrong? Why do you seem so far away Every time I close my eyes? Yet I feel you, this presence at my side. In my heart I know it's you but still I can't touch you, I can't feel you I torture myself knowing it's my fault So when I close my eyes you're there. But I'm not allowed too close, I know For where I'm at, I don't deserve that pleasure yet Right now it's just time for the pain But when I am done and have paid my dues Then and only then will it be allowed. The pleasure of your loving touch. Until then, my dreams Are my punishment And hoping, til that day, you don't fade away.

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Some of my serious writing.




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Date: 6/11/09
Other: Writing