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Good to be Alive (Acoustic Version)



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This is a song dedicated to the performing artists of the world, and to the inspiration they provide for us all. Despite the personal tragedies and the everyday hardships they face, they continue get up on stage, seemingly unphased, to provide us with the entertainment we crave. And through them, each of our lives is enriched. This song was written 25 years ago, when, as a young man, I dreamed of being a permormer. And though my life took on a different course, the song still holds true. There's nothing that helps me to cope with this world like watching or hearing someone lay their soul on the line in a song.
That has been the major contributor to any revelation or salvation I may have experienced through the years. Whether it be watching one of the greats performing a masterpiece or some nobody in a no name cafe performing their first original song, when the magic touches you, there is no denying it.
It's a beautiful thing.


1/2/2010 11:51 AM Premium
I just came across your media. Good Work! Have you considered bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame?



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Date: 12/3/07
Music: Jazz