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This is a pen and ink of "North Carolina's Lost Lighthouses." As the title says, "North Carolina's Lost Lighthouses" dotted the hundreds of miles of coast from the northern most inlet to the southern tip where the Cape Fear River enters the Atlantic in Wilmington, where I lived. There were many, many hours of research to obtain the information, reference photos and drawings to complete this piece. The oldest being the Shell Castle Lighthouse built in 1800 and the Cape Fear Lighthouse in Wilmington (one of the newer ones) was one of the last one to be toppled in 1958. There were even several anchored ships with "guiding lights" attached to help incoming and out going ships and boats. The Carolina Coast is rumored to have more sunken ships off its coast than any other. Beautiful coast, very, very treacherous.

This piece was done for the North Carolina Ferry Division. It was screen printed on many T-shirts and specialty items that are being sold in their many gift shops.

This piece of artwork was drawn with a #1 Rapidiograph technical pen on vellum. All typography is hand-lettered. The pen and ink was then scanned and run through Adobe Streamline which is a program that changes tiffs and similar formats into vector artwork. After it was converted it was opened up in CorelDRAW and each individual section is selected and filled with color in which there were over a thousand sections. What you are looking at is a piece that was converted to just six Pantone colors only (not RGB or CMYK) for screen printing purposes. This design was printed on many, many garments and specialty items. The total time to complete was approximately 25 hours.


7/28/2009 9:31 AM
This is awesome work!! I love your descriptions too! It adds so much to what we are viewing!!



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Date: 6/15/09
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