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My Demon Lover


125015.txtMy Demon LoverWhat good are my hands,If I can never touch you?What good are my arms,That can never hold you?What good are my lips,That will never taste your's?What good is living,Without ever standing beside you?Never holding you hand,Or kissing your lips?This tragedy remains,Beyond my mortal life,And into eternity.But,I have a heart that loves you,And I always can sense when you are near.My two eyes can still behold your glory,As I shed crystal tears.Throughout my life,I will revere you,Into and beyond.Until at last our eyes will meet,You will always be,My only one.Page 1

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This is a poem I wrote describing how it feels to love a demon.
If you don't get it,oh well.
I dedicate this poem to My Hiei Saiai.


3/6/2010 1:43 PM Premium
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Date: 6/17/09
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