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"Evolution Pushes Forward Through The Party"


Evolution Pushes Forward Through The Party Life isnt a party. Life isnt a party. Thats all they ever say to you, All the nay-sayers and pessimists. Well, if life isnt a party, what is it? Misery? Depression? Disappointment? NO! Life is a party, because this is all we get. Your life means nothing when you follow suit. Those of you with faith may not understand, but, in time, you will. Who needs a higher power? What does that power do for us? NOTHING! I realize youve believed in something your whole life, So it will be harder to make you understand. But, why does life need limitations? Why does God limit us as beings? He doesnt. Tyrannical profiteers suck the money tree dry through religion. Thats all there is. When we party, were having a good time. We joke, We laugh. When you tell us not to party, Youre only bringing us down and accomplishing nothing for yourself, Human existence in a downward spiral. OPEN YOUR MIND! Your life is miserable, the way you live it, Disappointing. Life is wasted, the way you live it. In this conscious state in which you read these words, You only get one chance at life. Whatever your creed or race, this is it. Make it the best you can as we try to push forward.

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In the end, it means 'have a good time.'

Take a look and see how it gets there.


12/23/2009 10:55 AM Premium
Awesome Stuff! Be sure to upload some more content.

6/25/2009 5:36 PM
I "my friend" do believe in God , and I DO have a good time. Your writing is to good to waste on negativeness. (FOOD FOR THOUGHT), If I'm wrong...oh well...I just die...But what if YOUR wrong.



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Date: 6/19/09
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