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125594.txtCrazed by ConspiraciesAm I going crazy?I ask this everyday.I put two and twotogetherand conspiracies form.Why are veggiessuddenly not thehealthiest choiceand why do seeminglysturdy bridgesfall apart?Are they really randomdisappearances?Why do some peopleforever shut up?Why are we being fedtill we burst and thenasked to abstain?Why are we losingGodeverywhere whenthe world is going insane?Why are super bugs beingignored and spy bugsallowed to fly under radar?I think about the rateof autism and noticeits relationship to shotsand I wonder if itsa fair trade-off for kidswho seem healthierbut are not.These are lonely theories.They're only in my head.I must be going crazyto think in ways like this.How would the worldcope, the government thrive,with billions dead or sick?And no one's immunefrom such a thingeven if they cooked it upin a laband it's impossible topredict an outcomewhen they've immunizedus so well.But could it be we'reworth more deadthan alive?You see it on TV all the time.The partner is sacrificedfor a paltry bit of cashand uses none of it ashe's caught red-handedin the end.How red with bloodare the hands of governmentofficials anyway?Taking our children awayto fight in wars basedon principlesPage 1125594.txtwe don't even have today.Grooming them inthe very early stagesof schoolwith uniforms and non-secularvision and creative blocks.Where is the music they usedto play?Where did the crayons from artclasses melt away to?Test after test after testthey are givenand I'm waiting for the draftto blow the lid off the topof everythingand show everyone the truth.Don't they see the violencebeing fed to their childrenwith video gamesand cartoons?Do they know their veryreactions are being watched,their concerns being heard by satelliteand grabbed by web crawlers?Let's talk about creeping and crawlingfor a bit,as it has gotten under my skinhaving so much scrutiny laidupon me.Still its not half as bad as seeingred, white, and blue fiberspop out your body.Not as bad as seeing super-zitsturn into boils after only a dayon your once creamy, adolescentskin.Not as bad as finding outyou have bird fluor have turned madfrom bad burger bits.Want some E. coli with your meal?How about some salmonella?There's plenty to go around lately.But don't worry.It's not terrorism,just tyranny run rampantthrough Washingtonand spreading outwardthrough American streetswhere we drink it from ourfaucets along with fluoridecause we're too stupid(or lazy)to care for our own teeth.We're also too stupid(or lazy)to wear our seat beltsor helmetsor put our cell phones away.They also think we'retoo stupid(or lazy)to turn off our own wateror flush a public toiletPage 2125594.txtor dry our hands.Do you get it now?Conspiracies aboundand surround you butyou're too blind(or foolish)to see them.They keep you in your placeas they find more waysto make you complacentand calm.They won't stop until theycontrol us all.It all starts the minute we'reborn,slapped with a number andwith a chip all too soon.Don't let them make you worthless than a seed;the ones laying in Svalbard areworth quite a lot indeed!They must be since they're housedin a sandstone mountainand special four-ply packetsand heat sealed to exclude moistureand have limited temperaturesand human access.So when the world goes kaputthe seeds will survive.It makes me feel glad that grainswill make it even if we don'tthough the question is who willbenefit and who won't.How will you benefit if youaren't there?Denied access to a brave new worldin which the rich will be the heirs?Cause even if they shareit's more likely that you'll dieif not housed in sandstone, limestone,iron, or granite.Think of how ironic it would beto have all this knowledge andstill denied a chance to live.Irony; it cuts you like a knifeand rules all our lives,though we don't see the humortil we're dead.But I hope to be one of the fewthat make it to Marswhich is being terraformedas we speak.Perhaps a home next to theface or newly-fabled mermaidwill be perfect for me.Then I could see the face of Earthand wonder if I'll returnon a daily basis.Because this earthly world is my own,conspiracies or no,denied or implied,coincidental or only in my mind,who can really tell the truth of this?Only time.Page 3

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conspiratorial thoughts on this rock we live on called Earth


12/26/2009 1:43 PM Premium
This is great! Link your friends and fans to this page to get more Fame votes!

7/27/2009 3:14 AM
Famed Famed FAMED :)!!! Good luck in the contest :D

6/25/2009 11:03 AM
All of the things that is... In this world that we call home. Your not crazy, your just living in realism wheras so many are blind. Sadly young friend, It only get's worse.

6/25/2009 11:01 AM
I then proceeded to click on your profile to further confirm my belief. A true artist in your wardrobe as well. I am very impressed. I would like to say that it takes a true artist like you and I to truly see and understand....

6/25/2009 11:00 AM
I have to say it takes a lot these days to intrique me enough to comment. I knew you were a true artist, before I even clicked on your profile by the way you wrote "Conspiracies" ......



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Date: 6/20/09
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