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forever she will be mine2


forever she will be mine Her tiny soft hands So gentle to touch First time she opened her eyes She melted my heart for all time Her heart shaped nostrils Through her gentle breath flows Her features so intricate How I wish I had a life time to study them I walked away from the hospital that day With tears welled up in my eyes And my heart broken in two I with one piece and she with another Maybe someday we will meet But till that day forever she will be mine

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poem i wrote about a year ago


7/27/2009 2:00 AM
Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and my heart goes out to this poem...I LOVED it..definetely got my vote!!! Good Luck :)

7/27/2009 2:00 AM
Hello :) I just wanted to comnent on your lovely piece for the writing contest...This poem was so beautiful, yet so sad at the end :(...was this personal to you? I almost hate to ask, but did you loose a baby?? I'm sorry for asking :(...



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Date: 6/22/09
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