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Proof (in C)

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This is the 'C' version of my song, Proof! The other is in A, but think it's too low and my voice don't sound too great that low, so I tried raising it up a bit. :) I've changed the lyrics since then as well to make it make more since... and rhyme. I know rhyming isn't all that matter as long as it comes from the heart, but it sounds cooler when it rhymes. :)

Verse 1:
People always want proof
That Jesus Christ exists.
Lookin’ for hist'ry (history) and facts
To prove that He was just a myth.

I’m proof that my God is real.
He’s real as the wind that you can feel.
He moves me,
And He can turn you around.

Verse 2:
How do I know that He’s real?
Even though I can’t see His face.
It’s just a personal experience.
You’ll never truly embrace.

Until you truly believe. (WOO!)

About Proof:
This song was actually inspired by myspace chat rooms! There is a myspace chat room I go to a lot called “Christianity.” There are many other rooms (like high school, dating, general discussion, and more), but this Christianity chat room is on of them. Well when I first went in there, I expected to be talking to a bunch of Christians! Well, I was right, but there were as many (if not, more) non believers in there trying to prove that Christianity was a trick, a fraud, or not real! They’re always saying “prove it” and won’t except that it’s a personal experience that makes it real to them! They say the bible is a fraud, nothing in history proves Jesus was real, and so many other things! So basically, there is almost always a constant battle in there for Christianity and against Christianity. Christians versus the world!
The chorus of this song is what I would always say to them in the chat room when they asked me to prove it! I am Proof of God! This has 2 meanings! One, since I am alive and living, that proves God! And two, my personal experience proves to me God is real and I don’t think the lost people understand that if they truly seek Jesus, they will see how real He really is! I also recently thought of a cooler thrid meaning to it! We as Christians should live a life that shows to the non-believers God's existance! Read Galations 5:22-26 to see what I'm talking about.
They sometimes say “you can’t see Him” or “praying is like just talking to yourself.” Well, that’s where the “wind” part comes from in my song! You can’t see the wind, but you can see the effects, as well as feel the effects! So you know it’s there! Same way with God! You can’t see Him, but you know He’s there because you can see and feel His effects! He’s just as real as the wind is, no less!
I admit, I wrote this song because I basically just about HAD ENOUGH with these guys in the chat room! A lot of times, I want to snap on them and punch them in the face if I could for their dumb additudes of what they think Christianity is, but I’m a Christian and that would be a bad “reputation” of Jesus. I just hope this shows the world how real Jesus truly is and how they can find it real to themselves!

-Ben Mullins

Copyright © 2009 by Ben Mullins




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Date: 6/25/09
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